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How To Write Fantastic Love Notes

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Good communication is essential in any relationship, but even more so when you are in a long distance relationship. When you are trying to maintain a relationship long distance you have nothing use but words.

But here’s the good news… words are all you need! Words will make your partner laugh, cry, and everything in between. Words will draw you closer together, even across the miles. Words are all you need to build a real relationship, bit by bit.

Online tools and forums like facebook, email, and whatsapp make it easy to communicate online these days. They also mean we’ve basically stopped writing actual letters or handwritten love notes to each other.

Think about the last time you got something special through the mail–like a letter from someone you love. Wasn’t it an amazing feeling? If you’re in a long distance relationship and you’re not writing letters or love notes to each other, even if it’s only once every few months, then you’re missing out.

How To Get Started Writing Love Notes

Yes, we get it: Writing love notes or a letter—especially a love letter!—can be hard and intimidating. Here are 3 great tips to get you started:

1. Set the mood

It can be hard to pen a love letter if you’re sitting in McDonald’s (trust me, I’ve tried.) The ambiance isn’t all that conducive to tapping into sweet emotions. If you’re at home on a cold winter’s night, however, with candles lit and hot chocolate in hand, then it might be easier to jot down how you feel about them.

2. Make a list

Before you start writing, you can make a list of the main things you want to talk about. Below we share 8 sources of inspiration. You might just want to focus on one particular topic, or write several little love notes about each topic (check out NoteCube for a classy way to pull this all together).

3. Remember, it’s the thought that counts

Don’t worry too much about your spelling or grammar. Just remember that it’s what you’re feeling and saying that is truly.

Dear letter

Love Note Inspiration: 8 Things You Could Write About

1. Memories

Think of memories you’ve experienced with your partner that are packed with emotion. If you get emotional thinking or writing about a memory, chances are they will, too. Reminiscing can bring back so many good feelings. Write a few lines about a good memory in a love note and they’ll feel nostalgic all day.

2. Make promises

A promise is always nice to hear and you can get really personal with these. Promising someone you’ll forever be there for them is just wonderful. Also funny little promises can be sweet. Think chores, favours, or travel. (Or, um, exactly how you plan to greet them the next time you see them).

3. Inside jokes

An inside joke is great evidence of a lasting bond. Try and think of some old ones, this will make them feel nostalgic and put a smile on their face.

4. Your bucket list

Write the things you want to experience with them; fly in a helicopter over New York? Go to the Everest base camp? Do a tandem bungee jump? Include little things too, things you can accomplish easily – like going to that amazing restaurant you keep talking about.

5. Encouragement and kindness

Tell them what you appreciate most about them: How they always seem to cheer you up, or are always willing to listen to your problems. Remind them of their best qualities; funny, wise, caring, helpful. Everyone loves to hear words of encouragement like this–hey’ll really appreciate it.


Find their favourite quotes or ones you know they’ll enjoy and put them on notes (check out our page of timeless LDR love quotes here). Or quote something they have said. Tell them things that they have said to you that have really stuck with you and impacted you, things you thought were smart or wise, or things that really warmed your heart.

7. A poem

Writing a poem for someone can be hard, but so worth it! It doesn’t need to be long, or even that ‘good’. Just make sure you put effort into it and they’ll be able to recognize that. If you’ve never written a poem (or, ahem, a naughty limerick) before, Google is a great place to find tips!

8. Words of love

This classic is simple: Just tell them how much you love, appreciate, and miss them. Tell them how you can’t wait to see them again. Tell them all the things you’d love to be doing with them right now. This is always wonderful to hear.

Start today!

Write someone some love notes today! Or if the thought of writing love notes or a “love letter” makes you feel weird, just write a plain old letter. Tell them some of what’s been going on for you lately, tell stories about the big and little details of your life, and ask them questions about what’s going on for them. The letter doesn’t need to be long or flowery. Just getting a letter is romantic, even if the letter itself is light-hearted and chatty.

What are you going to write about?
Let us know in the comments!

James Billingham
Do you want to take love note or letter writing up a level? Do you want to turn your words into a wonderful gift that they’ll treasure for a long time to come? Check out NoteCube. It’s a stylish keepsake box filled with beautiful notes you’ve written about your partner.
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