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Are You Talking Too Much In Your Long Distance Relationship? 4 Practical Strategies For Healthy Communication In A LDR

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Wait just a minute, you might be wondering. Doesn’t everyone rave about how the biggest benefit of a long distance relationship is that it forces you to communicate? Is it even possible to talk too much when you’re in a LDR?

Yes. It really is.

Talking or writing to someone you’re dating long distance is obviously essential. Developing good communication patterns and habits will serve you well in the future, whether that future is long distance or up close and personal.


As in most things, moderation is also good. This is particularly true early in a new relationship, or if you’re finding that being in a long distance relationship is narrowing your focus and crowding out other important interests and people in your life.

Let’s look at this new relationship issue first.

Why talking too much, too early, is a bad idea in a new long distance relationship

Jumping into the deep end in a new relationship is easy to do! When you’re first getting to know someone, the exhilarating intensity of these early connections can feel so good. Any call, email, or text can give you a fireworks burst of heart-happiness. During this period it can be so tempting to talk for hours on end, write long letters every day, or text every hour.

However, starting out a long distance relationship this way does a couple of things. First, it breeds an intensity that can move you along too fast. You can throw a budding relationship out of whack by jumping into bed with someone too quickly. You can also throw it out of whack by spending too much time, too quickly, connecting deeply into someone’s life.

Second, it establishes intense communication patterns that can be difficult to change later. Maybe you’ll be able to maintain a pattern of talking to your long distance partner for several hours every day indefinitely. Maybe you’ll want to. Or … maybe you’ll come up for air after a month or two and realize that you have a life outside of this new relationship that needs some more time and attention.

Besides, spending all day every day on the phone or Skype with someone doesn’t make you connected—it makes you needy. Or, rather, it makes you both connected and needy.

When talking too much is a bad idea in an established relationship

What about if you’ve been together for ages, and you’re as committed as committed can be? It’s fine to spend hours every day talking then, right?

Well, maybe. If you both really want that. And if you don’t have school or a full time job. Or other family and friends you should be paying some attention too. Or any outside hobbies or interests.

So, in other words: No, it’s not fine to spend so much time talking to your long distance love that other important areas of your life wither and die.

Here are some signs that you might have the balance between your love and the rest of your life a bit skewed:

  • You spend all your spare time on your phone or computer.
  • You feel as if the rest of your life is on hold until you can be together.
  • It always seems like too much effort to go out with friends or do something by yourself.
  • You haven’t had a decent conversation with anyone but your long distance love all week.

Healthy communication in long distance relationships

When you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s alarmingly easy to allow important things in life—family, friendships, hobbies, exercise—to stall. But this will only make you more depressed in the short term, and hurt you in the long run.

Do not spend every spare minute talking to your partner (or daydreaming about said partner). Right from the beginning of your long distance relationship, remember to keep building a life where you are—a life full of friends and fun.

Do things that make you fitter, smarter, and happier. Stay in contact with other people you love, too. Do things that interest you. Do these things alone, if need be. Remember, investing in yourself is another way of investing in your most important relationship. Start now!

Here are some tips on building measured communication patterns into your LDR:

1. Talk, text, or email at a rate that feels sustainable

If you’re blowing off huge chunks of work time emailing them (or, even worse, checking out their Facebook photo albums and reading their wall) that’s not sustainable unless you have a very forgiving or extraordinarily absent-minded employer. If you’re staying up until 2 am talking to them every night, likewise.

401 questions for couples vertical add

2. If you’re starting to resent the amount of time you’re spending communicating with your new long distance partner, tell them!

Don’t deal with the problem by ignoring their calls or emails. Say something like, “I really like you and I think we might have potential, but I’d like to slow a little so that I can pay some attention to other parts of my life. How do you feel about giving things a bit more time to breathe right now by only talking every two or three days?”

3. If you sense that your long distance partner needs a bit of space, give it to them.

It can be hard to hold off calling or texting for a day or two, but sometimes giving someone space is the best thing we can do.

4. Keep a journal or talk to a friend.

Don’t spend all day talking or emailing your new love. Talk to someone you trust or write about your thoughts and feelings. Both can help you think things through and help provide some perspective.

Questions to think about

Finally, think though this set of questions. Even better, think them through and then talk about them with your partner. You might be surprised at what you learn about each other along the way. And, after all, the best part of being in a long distance relationship is that it forces you to communicate. Right?

  1. What sort of communication patterns have you established during the early stages of your relationship? How often are you talking, and for how long? How frequently are you emailing or texting?
  2. How do you feel about those patterns now? What are you getting out of this? What are you giving up?
  3. Do you think these patterns are sustainable indefinitely? If not, how might you redefine those patterns when the time comes to spend less time talking or emailing?
  4. Ideally, how frequently would you like to be talking, emailing, or texting? How do you think your partner would answer this question? If you haven’t discussed this openly with them, do. You might be surprised by their answer. Discussing this issue now will also make it easier to raise again if you want to cut down—or increase—your communication at some point in the future.

What do you think?
Is it possible to talk too much when you’re in a long distance relationship?
How have you established healthy communication patterns in your relationship?

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  1. Hi, i read the article and i wish i found this before. I´ve been in a LDR for 4 years now, i been finding myself that when i talk to my boyfriend i get a bit tired of our conversations. Sometimes i have doubts about if I love him but i feel this happens when we have been many months without seeing each other. We have seen each other only 4 times every 6 months but this last time we took 1 year without seeing each other which made me feel sad and insecure because I feel attracted to someone else plus i wasnt talking so much to him since I was very busy in that time, after we saw once again I was very happy and i knew all the insecurities I had were just in my mind because I know i love him. When we started our relationship we could spend our time talking many hours and have different topics to talk about, now when we talk i feel after some time im a bit bored because we talk often about topics that he likes.I know if i tell him this I would hurt his feelings but i feel very guilty for having these thoughts. Please help 🙁

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I’m from the UK and my boyfriend is Australian. We’ve been together nearly ten months now. We met in February when I was in Sydney and lived in a sharehouse and hit it off and got together immediately. We spent all of our time together and were pretty much inseparable. As we lived with each other, we got to know each other on a much deeper level than other couples would, very quickly and it feels like we’ve been together for years. We had to move out of the sharehouse and ended up getting a place of our own for the final six weeks I was in Sydney. It was so good. Yes, we have always kind of fought in our relationship but we would always work towards solving it. We never intended on carrying on when we first met each other but obviously, emotions developed and feelings got stronger to the point where we decided to carry on after I had to leave. I had to come back to the UK to finish my uni degree, in which I have roughly six months left until I am free to go back to Sydney to be with him.

    At the beginning (September) we were a little rocky, this was new for both of us and we were still finding our footing. We’d fight a lot, contemplate breaking up a lot but it was okay. We’re both early 20’s but homebodies of some sort so we spent a lot of time speaking, hours on end nearly every day, especially on the weekends. it was good and we felt like we were still a part of each other even though we were so far away. He was able to come over and see me in October which was one of the best trips and we felt so sure and connected with each other after he had left.

    However, after he left we ended up fighting so much and didn’t speak properly for a couple of weeks. Now that his time has freed up a little and we’re back on track we have just had another major argument about calling.
    He wants to limit the time we call and speak to each other because he feels 1-2 hours every other day or so is too much. He said that he wants to do other things, which is fair enough but I said if he has free time why wouldn’t we talk more, say on the weekends when we both don’t have commitments. However he was adamant that he did not want to, it was take it or leave it, he said if he didn’t want to talk it didn’t matter if he was staring at the ceiling, he didn’t want to. I think this response is very unfair. I feel like in LDRs you should put in as much effort as you can and that we should speak as often as we can.

    There are obviously other relationship problems that we have that is partly contributing to this but being so far apart and feeling so distant with each other recently because we have been on bad terms; do you think I am being unreasonable by asking him to commit more time with us?
    We are both each other’s first serious partners and both first times doing LDRs, I feel like we should be putting more effort into the relationship, do you disagree?
    We had also previously taken a kind of break but I felt it only made him get used to not having me there which he thought was completely fine and obviously I disagree…
    A lot of what we have built up with each other has already been destroyed with the distance and arguments and I want to try and repair it by rebuilding the intimacy and connection and feeling that we are actually together.
    I’m not really sure what to do, if only I could lay everything out and have a crystal ball (haha)

  3. I could really use some advice when it comes to communication and long distance.
    The guy I’m dating is a high school senior and I’m a college freshman. After four months of dating it became long distance as I moved away to pursue higher education. This is my first relationship, and I love him a lot. But sometimes I’m afraid that I’m too clingy when it comes to calling him.
    Sometimes he tells me that we’ll call on a certain night, only to have it be cancelled. A couple times we had planned to call at a certain time and he pushed the time back to continue playing a video game. I always got sad and angry whenever this would happen, is that a normal reaction?
    During the summer before I left we barely spent any time apart. I’m scared that we may be drifting apart. I’m also scared that I may be overreacting and I need to back off and give him space. I don’t know if I’m a priority in his life anymore, but we’re already making plans on moving in together eventually. I want to preserve our relationship but communication is obviously an issue.

  4. Hey, just read everything you wrote. I completely feel for you because I need a certain level of communication in order to feel like I’m even in a relationship. In my opinion, girl walk away. He is obviously making you feel many feelings inside and it’s not good for your mental health at that. He does not appreciate you and you deserve someone who is excited to talk to you and wants to see you. Think it through <3

  5. I met a girl in 2006, he was married and his wife was my client in my salon. We were never friends but she told me about her affair with another man. I left it there. I got divorce a year later and they got divorce in 2014, 7 years later. He found me on a social website and we started talking but he already worked in Africa across the border. We got married in 2015 and we have an awesome and blessed marriage. Long distance relationships can work, yes it is hard work and very challenging but communication is VERY VERY important and we are 24/7 in touch with each other. We watch movies together, make sure we have the same movies when he is on rotation and at home. Listen to the same music, share music, share spiritual messages, we share everything. It is awesome! When we do have a difference we dont text because emotion and words gets lost in transit. We will phone each other or skype if the connection is very good. If it wasnt for this kind of communication and relationship it was a lost case for him working across the border.

  6. Hey, my boyfriend and I started dating a few months ago. I am currently in college out of state and he resides in my hometown. We made it official after I left so we automatically jumped into a long distance relationship and we agreed we would give it a shot. I went to visit him and my family last weekend and everything was fine. However, ever since I left we have been arguing over the smallest things and I feel like this is putting a strain on our relationship. We usually talk every night on the phone and fall asleep together, that’s usually our routine but after reading this I am now questioning whether that was the right way to go. We talk every night since I have classes during the day and he works all day. I was thinking about suggesting maybe that we don’t talk as much for the sake of us not falling apart and giving me a chance to enjoy my college experience and for him to enjoy his life and hobbies as well.

  7. Hi Lisa.
    I met my bf 1 year, 2 months ago, lived in same apartment block where we met for 6 weeks before I moved back to my homecountry. He would like your article. I have only ever been satisfied with the level of communication in our relationship for one month out of the whole time period. When we were both living in the same city he would message me several times a day and we met 2-3 times a week. When I moved here, initially, he would take hours to reply to my texts and told me he didn’t like phone calls, and he never called his only ex he was ever in a long term (also LDR) relationship with. He found it weird. I convinced him calling was vital and we started video calling once per week, for 1 hour. It wasn’t enough and I constantly felt rejected. I would dread the weekends because he would not reply for 10+ hours without any sign of what he was doing. We are in our early twenties and I don’t know any other millenial who is so anti-texting. I’m not jealous and trust him to spend time with girls, but I was so insulted that he couldn’t tear himself away from his friends for even five minutes to send me a text. I do that when I am in social situations – to text my mum, to text him! In my generation, in my country, this is normal, and all that is needed is to politely ask your host “sorry, can I send a quick text to my bf, he had a big test today”. The fact he is unable to do this makes me feel like he is ashamed of me, ashamed that if he shows his friends he cares for me he won’t be seen as a real ‘lad’. 2x a month we had a recurring argument about my feeling rejected. What’s worse is, when he visits me, he does take time out from our real life conversations to text his friends, and yet he won’t take time from them to text me when he’s with them! I don’t like this double standard.
    8 months into the relationship we finally came to some kind of compromise and he agreed we could call once per day for 20 mins, and would find time. However the texting never got more frequent. I into a rut that I never felt able to ask him to call because I felt like I wasn’t worth his time as he always said he was busy and made me feel like I was the lowest of his priorities. (he denies this but the proof is in the pudding). We only call when he says he wants to call. He actually told me he doesn’t like that and it feels like pressure, but I told him that I feel so rejected by him not responding to my texts for hours, that I don’t feel I have the right to ask him to call me when I miss him or I’m having a terrible day. For context, I do have my own life, text and meet several other friends, do yoga and art and spend a lot of time with my parents. In comparison his life is much more social, but due to illness I can’t make mine much fuller than it is.

    Recently the situation changed again. As students we had flexibility in when we could visit. Haven’t been able to see each other since my operation 5 weeks ago as I’m not fit to fly. Now I have started working full time and this means future visits to him can only be for weekends, it also means we have less flexibility as to when we can call. I was really nervous about what this would mean for our relationship. He didn’t wish me good luck on my first day or send a good morning text, even though his time zone is ahead of mine. The first thing I heard from him yesterday was that he wouldn’t be able to call me that evening because he was going out with his mates, and tomorrow he will be out all day with them too. I think that he could have made 10 mins time for me between 5.30 and 1am. I think he just doesnt’ want to make time for me. I am becoming incredibly resentful of him, and his friends. He went out with them 7 times in the past week and I can’t help but think he is just acting like an 18 year old having fun instead of getting on with his career (he is two years older than me and already missed the deadline for finishing his studies).
    I told him I was upset he didn’t call me on my first day of work and I got a bit annoyed and called him Peter Pan for shirking his responsibilities in favour of juvenile partying, which makes me think we will never be together for real (another huge hole in the relationship). He then replied this morning that he would ignore me the whole day, and accused me of hating him.
    I don’t hate him but I am so hurt that I don’t want to talk to him either, which is a real first. No matter what he did, I always wanted to talk. I even feel resentful that I just spent so much money on advance flights to see him 2 months and 3 months from now. This can’t be a good sign. How do I resolve this? How do I tell him that if we want to keep LDR going post uni, we need to rethink how we make time for each other? I really am trying to understand his point of view but I don’t think its happening the other way around.

  8. Hi! I am on my second day of my LDR.
    How do i even start? My bf and I met for nearly two months this summer, started dating towards the second, we will be dating 1 month 11 days from now. He lives 3500 miles away with a difference of 2h time zone ahead of me. At first he panicked a lot going into an LDR, since he has done it before and it did not work at all, that created a bit of tension between us but later on we came to agree to at least give it a try since ill come visit in the end of September to October and later on hes coming for 3 months here to be with me and his family.
    I am on my second day and i am struggling, he has a busy life, so do i, but i am not yet aware of his schedule and now since hes back and going through uni , part time and small business. I don’t know what to expect, as in, do we text too little? is asking for him to let me know of his whereabouts before he goes silent for hours too much? What if hes slowly giving up since he never wanted an LDR again to begin with? how do i get this awful feeling of freaking out away from my head?… i know by thinking too much i am just going to screw things up.

  9. I’m in month 3 of my first LDR & wow what a emotional roller coaster. We met in early April & were able to visit each other twice by end of May. Communication was very frequent & mushy via text & hour+ calls daily. We’ve had 3 great visits since too. However after the last 6 day visit, he’s really cooled off with communication. 3-4 days no calls, still texting but more friendly than intimate. He’s always active with friends, family & work (has a very flexible work life allowing him to do whatever being a remote employee). I don’t have that & do spend a lot of homebody time during the week (we are 34 & 35) & find myself feeling left out & lonely lately. Do I just deal with the fact the intensity of conversation simmers way down? I guess I feel if we are going to stay emotionally connected I need at least some form of mushy stuff to know he’s still in this. At our age, I’m not looking to drag this out without talking about the future & at least a rough timeline for us. But maybe he likes the distance as it allows his to live his life normally while enjoying a part-time girlfriend during visits. I don’t want to press the issue but also don’t want to avoid it. Thoughts??

      Your thoughts seem clear and well developed. I think you should trust your instincts and tell him exactly what you have said on this post. It is normal that you feel this way and it is also inevitable that whatever you say or feel will depend on your partner’s response. If he is sensitive to your needs, and you to his, you will find some way to ride through the bumpy road. And it WILL be bumpy I assure you. Only thing is, best not to be harsh on yourself.

      Just relax. Accept the toughness. Communicate it gently and truthfully to him without extra angst or anger. And let your partner respond. If his response is frustrating, or you feel rejected or unwanted, then give him/it space, let it sink in, then communicate it gently when the opportunity arises. If you continue to feel this way, my advice is gently pull away and see what happens.

  10. Hi my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year. We go to the same college but now its the summer and I dont see him as often as it used to be. Where I live I have no friends close to me and its about 2 hours to my closest friend. And I only live with my dad and he works all he time. So the mass of the time I am alone and I’ll text my other friends, but of course the main person I want to talk to is my boyfriend. But he has his friends over a lot, so its not like we are texting that much probably about 30 texts a day with us combined. We text through out the day sometimes. But I feel like at least every two days i want to call him. Like I called him on July 6th at night and now its the 9th and all I want to do is hear his voice and talk to him. And let me tell you our calls are long they range from 1-4 hours sometimes (mass of the time 2-3). Is it crazy that with all the time talking I still want more? Its been 2 months already being away from him and we’ve seen each other 3 times already. Is this me being too needy? How long do you think is the right amount to call in each week? We usually call about 2 times a week. Please can I have your input. Thank you for ytour time too.

    1. Post

      Hi there. That’s so hard. And it’s totally understandable given your schedule that you want to talk to him more, but also smart of you to realize he has other things and people on his plate and probably doesn’t have as much time/energy for that as you do. You are at real risk in this situation of becoming too needy, and 1-4 hour calls are very difficult to sustain over time especially if they become more frequent than two times a week. I suggest you be upfront with your bf about how you feel, but also reassure him that you’re not saying this to make him feel guilty. Tell him you just want to let him know where you’re at, and tell him about some of the other things you’re doing to stay busy and grow as a person so that you don’t find yourself just wanting to call him all the time (and think of some things to do if you’re not doing anything specific yet). Also, ask him what HE wants in terms of communication, and what sorts of calls/lengths/connections make him feel closest to you.

  11. Well me and my woman are in.a 5 months LDR. Im from the U.S and she from the Philippines. We talk on facebook messenger and skype . And we talked like everday but lately since she been in school now we havent talk like we been. Even through i work at amazon i always manage to hit her up before i work, on breaks and after i get off work. thing is she doesnt get on messenger everyday like she do and we gone a week without hitting me up once before and ofcorse im a patient guy so how should i take this situation?I know she go to school everyday so should we have daily plan?

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      It sounds like things are changing/slipping in your communication, so do be honest with her at this stage. Tell her you’ve noticed things changing, and you’re OK to shift patterns if she needs to, but you want to know where you stands. Suggest a daily plan (or every two days, etc) and see how she reacts.

  12. I’m in a relationship now with someone from Germany and I am from the Philippines. At first we we’re not talking a lot; maybe just 2-3 time per week? That time, I was thinking that we should improve the way we communicate to each other because that’s what I think that would strengthen our relationship. It took a while before our commutation improved; we talk everyday messaging, skype calls/vid.calls and I really enjoyed it because I feel like I’m important because he makes time for me and I’m being informed about the things happened on his day. But right now he got busy with his work as a manager and we don’t talk too much like we use to do. Although we still talk everyday but not as often as before. I understand that his busy and has to prioritize some things with regards to his work, but I felt lonely and unwanted whenever I’m not receiving any updates from him especially if it reaches the whole day that he’s not even messaging me at least. I feel like I’m being needy. Although he’s always making me understand that he’s just busy and he’s not forgetting his obligations to give time for me. I know and I can feel that he loves me but I also wanna help myself to stop thinking negative because I’m so paranoid that maybe he’s like that cos he is just slowly detaching himself from me, something like that. I need help. I think I’m really the one who has problems with regards to this kind of issues. He already knows about my issues and he said he understands and he knows what I feel but I still cant help be to be negative.

    1. Can understand the feeling Ken, the same for me, girlfriend wanted to have some space because we started our relationship by talking everytime. Then she progressively started to message less and I felt so bad. That’s why communication is important. Stopping the “needy” feeling is very difficult, especially when jealousy and paranoïa are involved. I’m sure your lover is not falling out of love, but you have to be careful that YOU do not fall out of love. I know it can also be pretty disappointing when you expect to share everything with your lover, but he/she does not.
      Be strong in this !

    2. Post

      Gosh, it’s hard not to feel unsettled and insecure when we’ve gotten used to a certain level of contact, and then the other person gets busy or needs a bit more time to themselves and has to pull back. Hang in there. It sounds like you’re trying to find a good balance between trying not to be needy and crowd him, but also recognizing how you’re feeling and wanting to be honest with that.

  13. So if it goes from talking everyday to maybe once every two or three days, that’s not a bad thing?

    If that’s a good thing, then my nerves are at ease, and maybe I should let her call me most of the time since we have better and longer conversations when she calls.

    1. Post

      It sort of depends on how you’re both feeling about it. If you’re both feeling at ease and comfortable with it and with each other, and still committed to the relationship, I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all–especially if it means you have better and longer conversations when you do talk. If you start to feel less connected and like you’re drifting apart after a while it might be time to switch things up again and try more frequent, shorter calls. I would recommend actually talking about this with her though, ask her how she’s feeling and check that you’re on the same page.

  14. Hi Lisa,

    Only if I came across your post a lot earlier and knew that constant communication’s not healthy for long distance relationship. 🙁 Me and my long distance boyfriend have been togther for around two years and we met up 2/3 times per year to us to visit each other in our own countries or going on vacation together. So recently, I took a break after graduation to go to his country and lived with him togther for two months before heading back to my country. And just a few days before me leaving his country, he has requested for a break because he really hated the idea of always having to constantly check his phone to message me. Also, he said he didn’t like the thought of always having to worry if he dissapointed me whenever he couldn’t message me right away. He said he wanted a break and wanted to spend all those time messaging/skyping me to study instead. (he has recently found out what he would want to do in the future and has been worring about money/jobs because he’s hitting 30 and he
    still doesn’t have a full time job yet) We did start off our relationship by constantly messaging all the time and I think now is up to that point when he couldn’t take it anymore. Even though I didn’t want to, I agreeded to the break to give him some space. He has reassured to me that this’s not a break up and we have both agreeded that we will reacess our status and our relationship in 3 months to see if’s worth keep pursuing our relationship. But to be honest, I am not exactly sure where our relationship stands at this point. Does he still love me or he simply just want to gradually break up with me? During this time, we are still saying hi to each other once or twice per week, sometime he will send me funny videos on facebook or tells me he misses me. It has only been two weeks but it already feels like forever for me. I know I should be focusing on my own life but my heart just acnes whenever I think of the possibility that he will eventually realize he doesn’t need me in his life and wants to break up with me after 3 months. He keeps giving me hope and I honestly don’t know what to expect at this point. For example right before me flying off, when I sent him a bye message saying that I really hope everything will work out eventually, he replied me saying that he thinks it will work out between us with a smiley emoji. I have been restraining myself from messaging him all the time because I knows that he does need the time to focus on his study and career. I just don’t know if he does love me and still wants to be with me anymore or maybe he’s just dragging the break out to give himself more time? Is three months of a break too much of a break? Should I ask him if we could reassess our relationship earlier? ( I am currently applying for jobs in his country, while he’s studying hard to get his certification by the end of July) I love my boyfriend so much, and I really did think he loves me too, but to be honest, I really don’t know what I should do now, I am missing him so much, he’s being so cold to me. 🙁

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      Oh, this is such a hard place to be in for you! I see a lot of maturity and restraint in your comment, though. I think you’re asking good questions about whether three months is too long of a break, but I also think you’re doing the right thing by giving him time and space right now and not texting, calling and messaging. You mentioned he’s studying for something at the end of July. How would you feel about waiting until he completes those exams, and then giving him one more week and THEN letting him know that you’d like to reassess things as soon as he feels ready to reconnect. That way you give him the time and space he’s requested for now, and a bit of a breather after his exams, and then let him know where you’re at. I know it means 5-6 more weeks of waiting but I think you’re strong, you can do it, and I’m not sure if you have a lot to loose at this point by being restrained and holding back.

    2. Hey Lily,

      I read your message and I can feel and relate to you. It felt like I was talking to myself while reading your problem. I am slightly different but similar situation. I and my boyfriend are not going on a break but would like to slow it down a little in terms of the longs calling hours.You seem like a pretty understanding GF, kudos to that. I would really like to know, how did it work out for you. (I really hope that it did).

  15. Hi I need your advice am in a long distance relationship with a very sweet guy but then we have never seen each other not even once so all we do is calls nd chatting but the problem is my boyfriend is always angry whenever we don’t talk for a day and it’s starting to annoy me….when we started we talk all d tym and everyday because then I was still in high school but now that I am in the university I have a lot on my hands and he doesn’t understand that. please what should I do?should I tell him he is too needy and he needs to stop or what?

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  16. Omg yes im going through the same thing right now. We started dating In December 2016 and weve met twice. I just feel as if he ignoring me at time even though he says he not. I feel like communication is essential in a LDR!

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  17. Been in LDR for6m now but my Bf is so busy all the time i don’t think he has time for a healthy relationship. Especially a LDR . I met him once since we have been together and i started talking to him in December 2016 . He says he loves me and i believe him. But i still believe you make time for the people you love

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  18. This article is not very helpful. LDR is very complicated kind of relationship and it is very hard to find the right balance. Calling once in 5 days? Come on! Such relationship cannot be called relationship and are going to end. I can share my story. I had relationship with a guy. At the beginning communication was too intense. I injoyed it a lot, but at one time it took too much time from my life, so I decided to cut the time. I sent just couple text messages a day, avoided skype calls. At the beginning guy was still sending me lots of messages, then less and less often. I was too obsessed with my career, school. My mistake was that I put my BF on very low priority. 5 minutes a day cannot be called relationship. The spring came and sometimes even I had to wait for hours or day for his reply. Till he announced that he had met another one, real person, who loves him more. I really loved that guy and now I have to admit my mistakes. I thing first we must realize what are our goals and priorities. Do we really need relationships? Maybe we need just penpall, random stranger from the chat room, regular sex partner? Healthy relationship cannot exist without frequent communication. I’m still single and can’t overcome this, even after 2 years. What would I do differently? Call him little bit more often. Calling 3 times a day or more it’s ok. Sharing is very crucial, especially to establish trust and let your partner feel like part of your relationship – share your dreams, thoughts, things from your daily life. I would also involve my partner in important decisions, and make a common vision for our future and the time when we will be together, just give hope, and also support him in his life – to be happy with him, empower him or support him on bad moments.

  19. So I’ve been with my lover for 4 years and we always talked everyday. Sometimes he would go out with friends or go to work and i would be at home doing my own thing but at the same checking my phone constantly. He gets super jealous and he’s always upset when it comes to any of my guy friends. So i dropped most of them. Because he is my priority and in the end he is the one I’m gunna stay with and who matters the most to me. Well today he got super mad at me again and as i tried talking sense into him he called me an idiot and said he didnt understand how i couldnt see how blind and dumb i was being. Finally i just laid on my bed.. Took a deep breath and after him saying he didnt want to waste his time, i told him calmly that it wasnt a waste of time. Its never a waste when you’re dealing with someone you love. He gets mad and insecure thinking sometimes that im purposefully talking to guys for more sinister purposes, but thats just because of stuff he’s done in the past. And although he doesnt do anything anymore, i think he’s scared that I’m doing what he used to. Anyways, in the end i was reminding him how much i love him and how everything i do is for us and that we always are planning trying to get money to see eachother and how he is very much worth it and blah blah. He stopped yelling and told me we should stop talking all the time for a while. Initially my heart broke but then he said we’re not breaking up and we’re not taking a break, but that he thinks we shouldn’t talk as much as we do. He said he gives up a lot of time with his friends to be with me on skype and (honestly im always home simply because i have nothing to do but the few times i am able to do something i stay home so that i can talk to him although sometimes he ends up having plans anyway). He kept repeating “for a WHILE” & I know all of this is healthy or our relationship because we obviously talk a lot. But. Both of us are crazy about each other. Idk Why does it hurt so much and why am i crying typing this. I’m trying to read as much as i can so that i feel better but it’s hard. Hopefully you can help me out.

    1. Post

      Oh, Ember. I’m sorry. This sounds so hard. And painful. It’s been a while since you posted this comment and I hope things are feeling better now. I also hope that you are looking for ways to broaden your horizons a little. It concerned me when you wrote above that you’ve dropped many friends, that you don’t go out much, and that you’re not sure what you’d do if you’re not talking to your lover. My main advice to you would be to start investing in other areas of life, and other friendships again. That doesn’t mean STOP investing in your lover, but it does mean working to build interest and connections in other areas, too.

  20. Hello

    just seeking for advise as i don’t understand about a lot of thing that i’m going through because this is my first relationship ever with someone and it a long distance relationship .
    i know him through language learning apps and he’s a Japanese guy.
    his a nice guy and we message everyday and one day i decide to confess to him and he told me he like me too but he said he need to meet me first to confirm whether if its love or not.
    so he decide to come this June to visit me.
    but recently he didn’t call as often as we used to be but we still messaging each other like normal.
    we discuss a lot about a lot of thing and most of the time our conversation will be our daily routines.
    I’m not sure whether is it me or is it normal to feel like this.
    i don’t know if it he serious about our relationship or not
    and i don’t know what he thinking
    i feel so bad if i burden him with my thoughts or i scared to tell him what is bothering me
    is this normal?
    what i should do?
    i scared of losing him
    i really like him and i scared if he will hate me or he wont like me anymore.
    please help me

  21. Yes, I’ve always felt that it’s necessary to pace one’s self in an LDR. I was recently in one, and we spoke quite often to her leading up to the moment where we actually met. Long story short, communication stopped cold turkey a month before we were to meet which felt so abrupt and felt like a huge chunk of my life was suddenly gone. Eventually we worked it out and met, and things were great, BUT..

    The ironic thing is that now we’re no longer talking as bf/gf, she tried to hide the fact she was talking to someone new since I left [her city], and now she seems to be spending huge chunks of her time talking to this new guy. My first thought was that they’re gonna blow their load way too fast with the amount they’re talking, but (here’s the irony), I think she was looking for excessive communication thinking it equates to commitment, and my ‘pacing’ of the communication was what drove her away.

    I also acknowledge that it’s probably not a healthy situation (for her) and she probably has other stuff going on, so in a way I am not that upset. But part of me hopes that we’ll reconcile one day, because we did connect nicely.

    1. Post

      I think you’ve got the situation well figured out! And I agree with you about pacing. That’s what healthy, and her need for excessive intimacy too fast points to other issues. Good for you for holding the course and realizing that.

  22. I wish I could say this helped but it really didn’t. Now my girlfriend said we need to talk a break… not a small break a 5 year break. Like weeks and months before she read this article we were both happy and talking yeah we would talk all the time or FaceTime for long periods of the day. It was because we long each other and that we did want each other to leave. No it’s not being needy to talk for a long time, like she has work and I have college we would talk when we had the chance and when we both have enough time that’s when we would spend our days talking or our nights. Like one night I told her “I love you” like I always do before I go to sleep and she said,”I loved you.” I’m just shocked she never said that to me and I asked her why,” she says you have to love yourself first”. I’m telling her that I love you and myself. Yeah, so that happened. I’m not trying to bad mouth the article or anything, I’m just saying the article works for some people not all. ~Taz

      1. It’s not because she read this article and dedicded to follow it. She must felt drained or needed a break, hense why she searched up these kind of article and seek for advise to save the relationship.

    1. Post
  23. Yeah it was a big problem when we realized that that we were not talking as much as we use to when we started our relationship…as months or years pass by, it is really difficult to maintain the same rate we use to talk in the beginning. In the beginning we use Skype like hours together, but that time i was free and so was he. but now both of us have career goals and things to achieve. So we let each other be busy with our own lives. And we talk we keep the matter light hearted and fun. we still Skype each other, but with a maturity and understanding. We give each other the space.

    1. Post

      It sounds like you’ve managed that transition well from “full-on-talk-all-the-time” early relationship to a more sustainable, pragmatic approach. Well done. The challenge, now, of course is not to get too complacent and never have extended skype dates.

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