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Guest General advice about LDRs

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On Friday, Eva will be sharing a post on Planning a Wedding – Long Distance. Before that, however, we thought you’d like to learn a little more about her LDR story …

How did you meet your partner?

I came to Georgia Tech as an international student for my Master’s and there I met my partner, who was pursuing his PhD there. We took a class together, were sitting next to each other in class and then starting going for coffee after class and comparing homework.

What is your current situation (i.e., Are you still in a long distance relationship or are you living in the same city now? How long did you/have you done long distance for?)

I’ve transferred to a university in Europe, while my husband stayed in the US after his PhD. We’ve been long distance for almost 3,5 years now, with only a few more months left until I finish my program. In total, it will be 4 years of being apart.

Eva LantsoghtWhat’s been one “benefit” of being in a long distance relationship?

We’ve learned to deeply appreciate the time we can spend together.

What are some things you’ve found most difficult about being in a long distance relationship?

As we are in different time zones (6 hours difference) it can be very difficult when I want to talk to my husband and he is still sleeping.

Tell us about a romantic or happy moment in your relationship

We got married last summer – and it was truly a beautiful day, on which we were surrounded by friends and family living near or far.

Wow, you got married while you were still in a long distance relationship. Why did you decide to do that rather than waiting until the distance had ended? Are you happy you made that decision?”

I’m absolutely happy! The biggest step to take for us was to take this decision, to make the choice for each other, to embrace our life together and to trust that time will bring us together and that we will find jobs in the same city. We’re now working very hard on making that dream come true – and with the right mindset, this believing in our story, I’m convinced it will work out for us.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself from being in a long distance relationship?

I’ve learned that in some cases I can indeed be patient: to wait for the moment to talk, the moment to visit each other…

Do you have any words of advice for other people in long distance relationships?

Be understanding, loving and patient for your partner while being separate, and indulge in each other when being together!

See you back here on Friday for Eva’s post on Wedding Planning Long Distance!


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