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30 Open When Letters Perfect For Long Distance Relationships

When you’re in a long distance relationship, open when letters or open when cards are one of the nicest things you can do for your long distance love!

Think about the last time you received a handwritten letter, or the last time your partner hid little love notes, open when cards, or quotes around your house before they left at the end of a visit. Didn’t it warm your heart and make you feel as if you’d just been hugged, even though they were still far away?

Creating open when letters is one of the best long distance relationship gifts out there—and they’re pretty much free to make! All you need is some basic art supplies, some time, and some inspiration.

I can’t help you with the supplies and the time, but I’ve got you covered when it comes to inspiration. Here is a detailed guide on how to make great open when letters, including 30 open when letter ideas suitable for all couples in long distance relationships.


Getting Started With Open When Letters

We’ve listed all the open when letter ideas below, but before we get to that, let’s get organized. Gathering some supplies before you start writing will make everything much quicker and more fun.

So figure out what stationery you want to use. Blank white paper, white cards, or pre-decorated? And don’t forget some fun supplies to jazz up your open when letters—stickers, glue, crayons, colored markers or pencils, and glitter (or glitter pens, which are elegant, fun, and completely mess-free!)

How To Make Your Open When Letters And Cards Extra-Special

If you want to take your open when cards to the next level, make them extra special by including…

  1. Great quotes

Ever feel like you can’t find the right words to tell your partner how you feel? Chances are, someone else has put words to those same feelings! So slip some beautiful and inspiring relationship quotes into your open when letters. A good quote says so much in just a few words.

Our 100 Love Quotes and Open When Letters printable bundle is perfect for this. We’ve collected more than 50 Open When Letter Topics and 100 of the best long distance and relationship quotes out there and formatted them beautifully for you. Find the quotes you like best, cut them out, and slip them into your open when letters.

  1. Include pictures

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words, so don’t hesitate to put a photo in your open when letter. And be sure to put in plenty of pictures of yourself. It’s your face they’re missing, so remind them what it looks like.

  1. Include scent 

Spray something (a handkerchief or something less tame :)) with your perfume or aftershave, seal it into a small plastic bag, and slip it into a letter. Scent evokes incredibly strong emotions.  

  1. Include confetti

Don’t put confetti or a thousand tiny shiny red hearts into every card—that would get annoying, not to mention time consuming to clean up. But everyone wants to be showered with tiny red hearts or their own personal ticker tape parade once or twice.

  1. Ask them questions

An open when letter doesn’t have to be all about you. Why not include some questions that you’d love to know the answer to. Check out our collection of 401 Great Discussion Questions For Couples In Long Distance Relationships for help with this if you want some extra inspiration.


30 Open When Letter Ideas And Topics Perfect For Couples In Long Distance Relationships

Now, here are 30 open when letter topics that are perfect for long distance relationships. Don’t feel like you have to tackle all of them. Why don’t you pick out the 10 that inspire you the most and start there… (and if you’re looking for something super spicy, don’t miss our post on 25 Sexy Open When Letter Ideas, too.)

1.     Open when you’ve just had a moment you wish I could have been there for…

When was the last time you were walking along, and you glanced up to see the couple in front of you holding hands? Everyone in a long distance relationship has a million of these small moments, but we rarely talk tell our partner about them. So tell them about one of those moments now. And here’s a great quote by e.e. cummings you could include, “i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)”

2.     Open when you’re having a hard day

In addition to telling them that you’re sorry they’ve had a hard day, and you wish you could give them a hug in person, why not include a couple of dollars for their favorite drink and a note about how you wish you could buy it for them in person. You could also add this quote, “What I have with you is worth it. It is worth every lonely night, every tear I cry from missing you, and the pain I feel from not having you close. It is worth it because you are my one and only. When I picture myself years from now, I see only you. No matter how painful distance can be, not having you in my life would be worse.”

3.     Open when you need some inspiration

Everyone in a long distance relationship needs an “I love you,” “I believe in us,” and “hang in there” note on a regular basis, so make this one sunny and uplifting. You might want to include this great quote by Meghan Daum, “Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those who know a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough.”

4.     Open when you want a hug

This one is sure to get opened quickly, because everyone in a long distance relationship misses hugs (and the rest)! So let them know how much you’d love to be able to give them that hug (and the rest). And if you want to find a great quote to include in letter (and the rest :)) check out the 100 Long Distance Love Quotes printable bundle. There’s a bonus in there that pairs each of these 30 open when letter ideas with my favorite quote for that particular topic.

5.     Open when you need cheering up

Why not include some jokes or riddles, or a link to a video of animals doing funny things. This sounds cheesy, I know, but who can resist smiling at those sorts of videos? (Don’t believe me? Google “funny dog videos” and see if you can go a minute without laughing.)

6.     Open whenever you feel like it

You don’t want to be too rigid about it all, so make sure to put in at least one letter that can open whenever they want to.

7.     Open when it feels like forever since you’ve seen me

One of my all-time favorite long distance love quotes is perfect for this letter: “And one by one, the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us.” (Don’t forget to check out the long distance love quotes and open when letters printable bundle to find a ready-made guide pairing these open when topics with the perfect quote.)

8.     Open when you’re traveling to see me next

Help them remember that the next visit will happen by including a letter they’re not allowed to open until they’re finally on their way to see you again.

9.     Open when you feel worried about something

We all have things we worry about in life, and days when we feel more stressed than others. You can help share the load and ease their mind by writing a note of encouragement. Tell them you believe in them, and love them, and you’re confident it’ll all work out.

10.  Open when you’re wondering if it’s worth it

Best case scenario, this is one letter they’ll never have to open. But… if they do, that’s normal, too. Everyone in a LDR has moments and days when the distance seems so hard and painful they wonder if it’s all worth it. So in this note let them know you understand those feelings, and remind them that you think it definitely is worth it.

11.  Open when you need a smile

Fill this open when letter with funny tidbits, links, and stories. Fill it with sweet pictures of you or the two of you together. Or do both. Anything for a smile, right?

12.  Open when you miss me

This is another one that’s going to be opened quickly. It’s the perfect note to put something scented in, as well as your favorite love quotes or stories. Tell them you miss them too, and can’t wait to be in their arms again.

13.  Open when you want to talk to me, but I’m not there

Tell them how much you love the sound of their voice, and how talking to them is one of your absolute favorite things in the world to do. Add in your phone number, too. They have it already, of course, but it’s the thought that counts here. And that thought sends the message, “call me anytime.”

14.  Open when the sun is shining

Even on shiny, sunny days, everyone can do with a boost and some encouragement. So write them a note saying how much you hope they’re having a great day—a day full of light. Tell them how much sunshine they bring to your life.

15.  Open when it’s raining

Rainy days can feel cozy, but they can also feel grey and glum. Write them a note telling them how you feel about rainy days. And, of course, don’t forget to tell them you miss them and are thinking of them.

16.  Open when it’s first thing in the morning

Emily Dickinson once wrote, “Morning without you is dwindled dawn.” So much said in so few words, right? It often does feel that way when you’re in a long distance relationship. Waking up alone, aware that someone is missing… So tell them how they’re the first thing on your mind when you open your eyes. And tell them that you hope they have a fabulous day.

17.  Open when you’re sick

Include a couple of comforting extras in this note. A tea bag, some throat lozenges, and a few caring words can telegraph a whole lotta love.

18.  Open when you’re thinking about us

How do you feel when you think about the two of you together? Tell them. Share ways you think you build each other up and bring out the best in each other.

19.  Open when you’re having a great day

If they’re already having a great day, awesome! How about you try to make it even better? This is not the note to tell them how sad and lonely you are without them. Instead, tell them how proud you are of them, and how glad you are that they’re strong enough to be happy and have good days even while you’re apart.

20.  Open when you feel a little naughty

Well, what you write and put in this open when letter is entirely up to you. But have fun with it. And think about including some chili powder (well-sealed into a small plastic bag) to tell them just how hot you think they are.

21.  Open when you feel frustrated with me

Everyone gets frustrated with their partner sometimes. Everyone. Since it’s going to happen to you, if it hasn’t already, why not write them a note they can read when they may not particularly want to talk to you.

22.  Open when you’re just about to go out for the night

Tell them how much you wish you could be there to go out for a fun night with them, and tell them you hope they have fun. Resist the temptation to beg them not to have too much fun without you, that will just make you sound needy. You can, however, include a great quote that reminds them how perfect you are for each other.

23.  Open when you want to learn something new about me

Tell them something they may not already know about you—share a story from your childhood, a secret, or something silly you’re a bit afraid of. Ask them to reciprocate with a story of their own.

24.  Open last thing at night before falling asleep

Keep this simple—wish them sweet dreams and tell them how much you’d like to be beside them right now.

25.  Open when you need a pick-me-up

This is another fun note to put a few surprises into. A coffee bag, perhaps? Or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop? A few chocolate kisses? Send them a virtual hug and tell them you miss them and are thinking of them.

26.  Open when it’s a Monday morning

Monday morning is not most people’s favorite moment of the week, so how about writing them a note of general good cheer and encouragement. Tell them something you’re looking forward to this week. Ask them the same.

27.  Open when you feel stressed out

Tell them you wish you could wrap them up in a big hug, and that you hope they feel better soon. Include some bubble wrap to pop, or a small “stress ball” to squeeze. You can suggest some other methods of stress relief, too, if you wish. Bonus points for funny or (slightly) naughty suggestions. Of course, don’t forget to tell them you’d love to listen if they’d like to talk about it all.

28.  Open when you feel disappointed

What helps you when you feel disappointed? Often, just knowing that people care how you’re feeling is the best medicine. Send them lots of love and virtual hugs and a bright photo or two of yourself to lift their spirits.

29.  Open when you can’t sleep

Ugh, insomnia. It’s so annoying, and it’s twice as annoying when it’s being compounded by loneliness. How about putting in a chamomile tea bag and a couple of sheets of sudoku (printed off the internet.) If they like sudoku it’ll help. If they don’t, it’ll bore them to sleep.

30.  Open when you want to hear why I love you

 Everyone’s day will be brightened by this last topic. Tell them things you love, respect, and admire about them. Tell them things you see they’re good at, and how it makes you feel to be close to them. If you only write one open when letter, make it this one. This will touch their heart deeply and bring sunshine to their entire day.

Want even more Open When Letter ideas?


Quick Tips To Help You Write Great Open When Letters

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or intimidated when you think about writing open when letters. If that’s you, here are some quick suggestions to help you feel confident that you can do this, and do it beautifully…

  1. Keep your open when letters short. Open when letters don’t have to be long, just a couple of sentences can be enough to touch someone deeply and brighten their whole day.
  2. Don’t over-think it, just write from your heart about whatever comes to mind.
  3. Tell them things you love about them, and things you respect, admire, and appreciate. Remind them of their best qualities. Tell them things you find attractive about them. Everyone loves to be encouraged like this.
  4. Write about times you think of them and wish they were with you.
  5. Write about some of your favorite memories of them, and of you two together. Chances are, if a memory touches your heart, it’ll touch theirs as well.
  6. Tell them how much you’re looking forward to talking to them or seeing them next.

The rules for Open When Letters

You’re all set now, but don’t forget one last thing to include in your package of open when letters… the rules!!

Remind them that they’re not allowed to open more than one letter a day (or a week, you decide.) They’re only allowed to open a letter when the topic really applies—no cheating. And don’t forget to ask them to save all the open when cards and letters so that you can look over them together on your next visit.

In fact, why don’t you write down these rules (and whatever else you’d like to say) in an extra open when card, labelled… OPEN IMMEDIATELY.

One Last Word About Open When Letters…

Take your time with this, and have fun creating this gift. I guarantee you, a package of open when letters is one of the most special presents they’ll ever receive. It really is the gift that keeps on giving, and it will bring them a lot of cheer and comfort during long weeks apart.

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