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5 Things You Will Never Take For Granted Again After Being In A Long Distance Relationship

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I learned to cherish the small moments with my fiancé, Evans, after being in a three and a half year Cross-Atlantic (U.S. & Ghana) long distance relationship.

Every time I saw him, I’d take mental snapshots of the curve of his face and the deep hue of his eyes before we would have to separate again. When you have very little time with the one you love, the details matter. You don’t take those small things for granted.

Below are 5 things you will never take for granted again after being in a long distance relationship.

#1. Holding Hands 

As cliche as it seems, holding hands is one of the top things that you will cherish all the more after experiencing a long distance relationship.

Walking around the mall, the park, the grocery store holding hands with your beloved will never lose its wonder.  Even now that we’re together and married, holding Evans’s hand never gets old.

#2. Staring into Their Eyes

Okay…Now we are getting really sappy! But did you know that there is a reason we love gazing at our partner? When you see something attractive your pupils dilate! And when we see someone looking at us with that look of love (and those wide open pupils) we are more drawn to them.

That’s the science behind why seeing your partner’s eyes up close will definitely become a favorite pastime when you are together. So just know that it’s totally normal if you cannot take your eyes off of your long distance crush! I remember the first time Evans and I saw each other after 2 whole years of being apart—I was in shock and could not stop staring at his eyes and pinching myself to make sure it was all real!

#3. Happy Time Together

When you’re dating long distance, you get really, really good at communicating. You don’t get to see their face all of the time, so verbal communication and being direct becomes an art form.

One of the things this means is that you learn to argue efficiently. You don’t walk around mad at them for three days because “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

When you’re dating long distance, time together (whether on Skype or in person) becomes extra-precious, so you learn to make the most of your time by intentionally spending less time sulking or being upset. Disagreements will inevitably come, but you’ll become a pro at communicating directly, and solving issues so that you’ll be able to have more Happy Time together.

#4. Taking Pictures Together 

Okay, I know I’m not the only one that runs out of cute couple photos to post on social media during the times when we are apart (and in the world of social media, if there is no picture, then it didn’t exist, right?)

When you have to spend all that time apart, you don’t take pictures together for granted.They become precious visual reminders to you that your relationship is real and worth hanging in there for. And they are also handy reminders to friends of the validity of your relationship, (because who hasn’t had a friend call them crazy for being in a LDR?)

So I’m giving you permission to go selfie-stick-crazy while spending time with your long distance lover. You’ll be thankful you did.

# 5. Going On Dates 

Last, but certainly not leastyou will never take an in-person date with your long distance partner for granted again. Ever.

Even now that we’re in the same city, we try not to ever cancel a date, because it’s such a rarity—still a treat—to have a date together in person. You are keenly aware that you are spending precious moments when you are together making memories that will last forever.

Long distance loving is hard work, but when you know that person is right for you, it’s definitely worth cherishing every moment together.

What is something you’re really looking forward to NOT taking for granted when you’re finally together?

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  1. I recently got married to the man I was in a 3 year long distance relationship with. LDR is definitely hard work but like you said, SO worth it. The top things I never took for granted were holding hands (like you mentioned), each and every opportunity to kiss him, and saying “I love you,” in person, to his face. There is something different about hearing I love you in person rather than on the phone or Skype. I would get butterflies all over again! Thanks for your post!

  2. Hey guys
    ur comments are soooo inspiring..,missing ur partner badly but knowing u wll just hear their voice cant be easy
    buh never forget the main goal dat u both are aiming for ,prayers with our heavenly father renew our strength.
    im also in a long distance relationship.

  3. Less time spent hanging with your significant other creates more time to devote to your own life — and that’s good for both of you. Rather than causing them to drift apart, leading their own lives has had a positive impact. Otherwise, you dwell on the fact that you aren’t together.

  4. Thanks for the comment Jassmin! It certainly isn’t easy, but so worth it when you meet the right person for you. It definitely does take two strong and patient people. I just want to encourage you that you can do it! Thanks for posting about the Facebook group I’ll have to go and check it out!

    Warm Regards,

  5. Being involve in a Long Distance Relationship is harder than it seems. It takes two strong and patient people full of love and trust for each other to overcome obstacles and stay stronger. Even so, couples who lasts being away from each other for years are really impressive since they managed to stay together without being together for a long period of time. Well not all couples can do this though. Your lists are definitely right because once this couple reunited, their moments together will be absolutely cherished because they know the feeling of being away with their loved one.

    I’ve joined a group for couples who can ask their love problems and other common relationship problems like this and it’s a great place to get advice. It’s called Relationship Questions

    Nice post by the way. Cheers!

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