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15 Monthly Gifts That Will Deliver Happiness All Year Long

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What was the best Christmas or birthday present you received last year?

Wait a minute… Can you even remember what you got for Christmas last year?

If you struggle to think of good Christmas or birthday presents, we’ve got a special treat for you this week! Without further ado…


monthly gifts

Now, I’ve spent the last seven years living in places so remote my house hasn’t had a street address (hello, Laos & Vanuatu). So when I realized that there were companies in this world that would mail out a new and fabulous monthly gift twelve times a year, the concept piqued my interest.

In fact, I may have gone a little crazy exploring these amazing companies and comparing service and prices.

I may have compiled a list of 15 of my favorite monthly gift services for you.

I may have put together a page that’s got some of your Christmas and birthday presents needs covered.

(Well, assuming you don’t live in Laos and Vanuatu. Because, for some reason, most of these companies won’t deliver if you don’t have a street address.)

So hop on over and check out our new page on subscription and monthly gifts. There are books, chocolate, photos, ecards, candy, healthy snacks, your morning coffee, your evening wine, and more.

If you give one of these monthly gifts to someone you love, you’re guaranteed they won’t forget what you gave them for Christmas or their birthday. More importantly, you’re pretty much guaranteed that they’ll love it. Win-win.

And while you’re browsing around you might find something for yourself, too.

Win. Win. Win.






Tell us, what are your favorite monthly gifts or subscription services??




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