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Tell them why you love them

Love them? Tell them why! There are so many ways to do this. If you’re on a budget, get creative. Perhaps make a list of reasons you love them and things you admire about them using the alphabet. For A, you might write “you Appreciate other people”, etc.

If you’re looking for something a little more polished, check out LoveBook Online. Totally customizable, these books let you list all the reasons why you love someone and illustrate your words with casually cute stick figures.

Stuck for what to say? Check out these books of questions and prompts to help you get rolling:


Make Them Laugh

Add your face into a hilarious e-card and dance your way into their heart without even having to shake your own hips. JibJab allows you to personalize e-cards for every occasion. And most of them are so ridiculous you can’t help laughing. You can even put your face on a (totally goofy) striptease. Better yet, you could put theirs.

Shop JibJab!


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Send them a box full of love & joy

Fill a NoteCube with wonderful things that will warm their heart when you’re not there to warm them up in other ways. Notes can be related to anything you want–reasons why you love them, good memories, kind words, future promises, inside jokes, and favorite quotes. Your imagination is the only limit, and it’s easy to get friends and family to submit a note too, which can make your NoteCube even more special!

NoteCube was founded by siblings after they filled a box with sixty years of memories for their Mom’s 60th. She loved it so much they figured others would too. This makes a fantastic, classy LDR gift they’ll treasure forever.

Blackroom NoteCube HR-5

Go halves

Remember in grade school when friendship necklaces featuring two pieces of a heart that fit together like a puzzle were all the rage? No? OK, well, maybe you weren’t a little girl in the 80’s. My bad. The point is, you can now now get some more sophisticated options along similar lines. BoldLoft sells a whole range of “halved” products – from tee shirts to mugs to pillow cases, and some even have a specific LDR themes. My favorite? Their “No Matter The Miles” design.


Shop BoldLoft Couple Gifts

Send a bunch of happiness

Sending flowers is a classic gesture that never goes out of style. A bunch of roses might not quite cut it on birthdays or Christmas, but flowers are the perfect “just because” gift. Classy, cheerful, and fragrant.

You have plenty of options when it comes to shipping flowers, but I recommend VIVAROSES. There is a wonderful love story behind these family-farmed roses, as well. (Save 10% when you click this link for VIVAROSES).

If you’re looking for something a bit different than flowers, have a bouquet of helium balloons delivered. A dozen helium balloons really brighten up a room.

The sweetest words of all

What’s sweeter than hearing “I love you”? Reading those same words on chocolate!! Chocolate.org allows you to send chocolate messages and other sweet treats straight to your loved one. Here are some of my favorite offerings:

Shop Chocolate.org 336x280 - 2

Send them photos every month… straight from your phone

Timeshel is an app that lets you select some of the photos on your phone and turn them into beautiful prints every month.

This app is awesome if you are the sort of person who takes hundred of photos on your phone that you never look at. But it has a double-benefit for LDR couples! For $5.95 a month you choose 10 photos a month to send to your loved one. They get the fun not only of seeing the photos, but getting real mail from you every month–mail you didn’t even have to take to the post office yourself.

easy beautiful prints

Open When letters

This is a gift that keeps giving for days, maybe weeks. It’s also a budget option! All you really need to create Open When letters is some stationary, some envelopes, and a pen. However, if you want to take it up a level or two in the class department, check out KindNotes.



KindNotes Romantic Gifts

Send them a video on a sticker the size of a stamp (…say what???)

Have you ever tucked sweet notes into your partner’s suitcase or left a love token under their pillow at the end of their visit? Well TINE Tags takes this to a whole new level.

TINE Tags (pronounced “tiny”) let you stick video messages to, well, anything. Here’s how it works: Buy the tags (100 in a package, woot!!), then download the TINE App at tinetag.com.

Now scan the tag with your smart phone, record a message, and put your sticker on a card, package, or letter (or hide them around the house at the end of a visit). After your partner downloads the tine app they can scan the sticker with their smartphone. Your video message will play on their phone (seeing your face will make their day!) and you will be notified.


Personalize “stuff”

Today, you can add monograms, messages, or personal photos to almost anything. Personalizing something is a fun way to add that special touch to something ordinary or useful. As an extra bonus, your present will remind your partner of you whenever they use it. There are plenty of companies who do this. My picks from Zazzle for personal, practical, and fun?

Shop Personalized Gifts on Zazzle

Feel-good photos

Did you know that remembering the good times you’ve had makes you happier? If you’ve been together a while you probably have lots of photos of the two of you having fun together. Why not pull some of these together to create a highlights reel of happy memories?

You can do this the old-fashioned way–with a blank notebook, a bunch of photos, and a glue-stick. Or you can save some time and check out MailPix. MailPix allows you to create classy photo books and other gifts (mugs, blankets, bears, posters etc) quickly and easily. They can also print your photos onto canvas and stretch them for easy hanging. Winkflash provides a similar service, and allows you to link to images in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If a “photo book” is not your thing, think about buying them an electronic photo frame and loading it up with happy snaps. I did this last Christmas. Here’s a link to the frame I chose.



Dozens of great dates

Every couple in a long distance relationship (or an up-close-and-personal relationship, for that matter) goes through times where they have trouble figuring out what to talk about apart from the same-old, same-old.

This little book gives you 401 different questions to:

  • Help you learn a lot of new things about each other (yes, no matter how long you’ve been together)
  • Make talking together easy and fun
  • Help you talk about topics you’ve been nervous to bring up
  • Draw you closer together and build the kind of intimacy that really matters—the kind that lasts


401 Discussion Questions For Couples


An I-Owe-U

My family moved a lot while we were growing up, and receiving an IOU in place of an actual present became a bit of a family joke. However, I now believe that the IOU actually makes a good present if you use them to plan experiences. Research has shown that money can buy you happiness if you spend it in on moments, not stuff. So get thinking about the sorts of moments that make good long distance relationship gifts. What would be something special that you could do together during your next visit? A spa day with couples massages? Dinner out somewhere classy? Musical tickets? A hot air balloon ride?

If you want to take this gift to the next level, give them personal IOUs for all sorts of different moments (a half-hour massage given by you, a free pass out of cleaning up after a meal, etc). The possibilities are endless. And if you want to package this all up an an awww-worthy way, check out LoveCoups or datevitation.


Wear your heart on your sleeve

Yes, there are actually LDR-themed clothes out there that won’t make you cringe. Surprised? Yeah, I was too. Here are a couple of my faves. The “timing distance power” shirt (a nod to martial arts) could be a good choice for guys. And you could buy the baseball shirt big for great sleep-wear:

LDR inspiration

When you’re in a long distance relationship you hear a lot of subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) messages about how LDRs never work. Give your partner the gift of inspiration by sharing stories of LDRs that have gone the distance. Here are some options:


A stiff drink

Two friends have given me lovely coffee mugs during the last year, and you know what? I think of those friends every time I use their gifts. Coffee mugs are a practical way to stay on someone’s mind and subtly remind them that they need and want you even more than they need and want that first cup of coffee in the morning. Check out these sweet options…


A visit journal

While we’re talking about all things writing, have you ever thought about keeping a visit journal? Surprise your loved one with a beautiful, leather-bound journal. This option on Amazon gets good reviews.

Bring it with you on visits or trips and use it to write notes or letters to each other and/or keep a scrapbook of your experiences together.

If you each write one note to each other during every visit, it won’t be long before your little book will be overflowing with love and memories.

Something saucy

And in an abrupt change of mood, I just had to include this delicious combination of naughty and fun.

SendAPantygram delivers a heart-shaped pair of red lace panties in a mysterious black envelope. There’s a short message on the card, and login details so your love can go online to collect the rest of the message and find out who the sender is.

I don’t expect these would be very comfortable to wear, but they might be a thrill for your love to receive.

Show them you’re “sweet” on them

Phew! Let’s dial down the spice factor for a while and focus on simple sweetness. If you’re looking to tell your partner you’re sweet on them, there’s a simple and classic way to do that… with sugar. It’s not subtle, but it sure is effective. So if you’re looking to show sweet love, check out these super fun options:

USDA-Certified Organic Jelly Beans available at Jelly Belly! Made with non-GMO ingredients. Shop Now!

The key to your heart

At first, a keychain may not seem like the most romantic of long distance relationship gifts. However, it is something your love will pick up and carry with them every day. And every time they use their keys?? That’s an opportunity to remember how much you love them. Check out these fun options (compass keychain pictured)…

The path home

Let’s leave aside the fact that not many of us actually know how to use a compass nowadays… the object itself still carries the aura of romance. It speaks of epic journeys, uncertainty, and navigating solo by the stars as you press on towards home–just you against the elements. Does that sounds like a long distance relationship to you?

Tell them they mean the world to you

While we’re talking all things navigation, how about telling them they mean the world to you? Your love spans many miles (and, in some cases, the entire globe) so show them you love them “the world-over” with a globe-themed gift. Here are some fun options…

Grow a wish

Some of the best things in life need a bit of nurturing, cultivation and patience (just like a relationship, especially a long distance one).

This Garden Of Wishes flower kit gives life to these truths. The kit comes with six different types of flower seeds, all with special meaning (friendship, strength, love, clarity, happiness and joy). Plant in your garden or in containers, give them water and sunlight, and watch your wishes unfurl.

(Note: Possibly not the best gift option if your significant other is bad at remembering to water plants. Dead wishes are sort of a downer).

Seed kit

A care package

This is another one easy do-it-yourself. Just go shopping and assemble some of their favorite treats, box them up, pop them in the mail and, hey presto, you’ve made someone’s day.

However, if you’re running short on time or inspiration, check out Minimus Biz. They specialize in travel-sized products and they put together some fun care packages.

Their romance kits are fun and affordable (they even have a karma sutra weekender kit you can send as a teaser). My other favorites include Cold and Flu Care Packages, the Bug Out Survivalist kit, and the Breakfast on the Go kit.

2500+ travel & inidividual sizes

Countdown clock

You can set this clock to countdown to any specific date (i.e., your next visit!!). You can personalize this by creating your own design when you place your order. Or, you could leave it white and decorate it by hand when it comes. Think twice with this one. Some people will love it and others will find it pure torture.


Get co-ordinated

There’s a lot of cheesy LDR jewelry out there, but some of the jewelry and art that uses co-ordinates manages to look classy and also be meaningful. Some of my favorites are latitude/longitude bracelets  Check out these fun options using co-ordinates or your initials on Etsy (image shown is bracelet by MensGift).


LL bracelet

Go sparkly

If you’re not into numbers there are stacks of other LDR jewelry options. If you’re really committed to relationship-themed jewelry, I liked the look of all of these options, especially the cuff bracelet and the floating heart necklace. Cuff bracelet shown.


Go artsy

There are some pretty fun and hip art pieces out there suited for LDR couples. Just like jewelry, some of my favorites use co-ordinates. One classy option (pictured right) is sold by DefineDesign11 on Etsy. Not your cup of tea? Check out some of the other options I’ve linked to below, or get searching. The internet is your oyster…


Make a difference with a Kiva Card

Stuck for what to get your loved one? Why not give them happiness by helping them give to others? Research shows that doing something nice for someone else gives you a mood boost that lasts.

When you give a Kiva Card, you give someone else the chance to make a loan to a borrower who inspires them. When that loan is repaid, they can lend those funds again and again to make an even bigger difference. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!



Make an exotic meal together

“Don’t just make dinner–make memories.”

A good gift to share together during a visit. Dinner kits from Destination Dinners combine travel and food to create a delicious learning experience. You pick a dinner kit (Pad Thai from Thailand or Kibbeh baked lamb from Lebanon, anyone?). The “travel” booklet in your kit contains a shopping list, ingredient guide with information about selecting fresh high quality items, suggestions for accompanying dishes, and even recommendations for drinks. Learn how to cook your selected dish together, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

elegant platter

Telegram them

Email is seriously awesome, but once it a while it’s fun to do things the old-fashioned way. When it comes to communication you can’t get much more old-fashioned than sending them a telegram.

Telegram Stop charges one flat rate to send a personal telegram anywhere in the world. At just over $7, this long distance relationship gifts option is both cute and cheap.


A ticket

When you’re in a long distance relationship, time together is the best present you can get. Travel to see each other is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a present, also. Consider buying a ticket for your love to come and see you (or a ticket for you to go and visit them). Take this gift to the next level by putting “glamming up” your gift announcement with personalized boarding passes. You can download instructions for DIY boarding passes here:



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