Fun And Creative Long Distance Relationship Activities For Couples

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**[Update: So many people have visited this page since the pandemic began that I’ve created an updated resource page for you that expands this content for COVID times: Check out The Ultimate List of Long Distance Relationship Activities To Help You Connect During Coronavirus Isolation.]**

Sharing experiences when you’re in a long distance relationship isn’t easy, so this week we’ve pulled together 10 fun long distance relationship activities for you to try.

Most couples who have been in a long distance relationship for some time are pretty good at talking to each other about how their day was and what’s going on in general. When you are separated from the one you love, there’s no doubt that talking on this level is important. Talking about your day will help you get to know each other better and feel more connected to your respective daily realities.

However, if you want to actively grow closer emotionally even while you’re far apart physically, it’s also important to go beyond the “what’s going on right now” sort of chatter. You also need to find some long distance relationship activities–new, fresh ways to create shared experiences, even over the miles. For two great resources to help you do this really well during the next three months, check out our special bundle offer… (March 28 Update: 50% off right now to support all you long distance couples being impacted by this pandemic. Just use the code CONNECT.)


When you’re in a long distance relationship, finding interesting ways to “do” new things together can be difficult. It can feel a bit forced to “schedule” a long distance date night. It can feel awkward to try something that seems silly or cheesy, or to ask your partner to do something that you’re not sure they’ll enjoy.

However, it’s worth taking some risks to try new things!

Getting beyond talking about your day is the quickest way to get to know your partner better. This, in turn, can help you love them even more deeply and make you more sure that your long distance relationship is worth the sacrifice and time you’re investing in it.

Alternatively, it can help you to see that it’s not the right relationship for you.

Either is a good outcome in the long run.

“Doing” long distance relationship activities together will also help build special, sweet memories to sustain you both on cold and lonely long distance nights. I’ve been married to someone I met long distance for more than eleven years now. I still smile when I think of some of the sweet ways that he surprised me during our long distance days and the interesting conversations that we had when we branched out from talking about the immediate.


So, how do you come up with these sorts of long distance relationship activities?

Your own creative brain is a great place to start. I bet that if you grabbed a pen and some paper right now you could come up with at least five interesting things for you and your long distance partner to try without any trouble at all – ten if you were willing to jot down activities or discussion topics you weren’t sure would “work” well.

However, if you aren’t already busy scribbling your own list, here are ten ideas to help get you started

10 Fun Long Distance Relationship Activities

1.  Take an online quiz and discuss your results

You can find plenty of “are you compatible?” quizzes online. Many of them are downright silly and won’t tell you anything useful. If you’re looking for more meaningful alternatives and you haven’t already completed the VIA Signature Strengths Survey on the Authentic Happiness website, it’s worth doing.

Take a look at this piece on character strengths for more on that. Look at this post on the enneagram personality types and this one on love languages for more interesting online assessments and discussion questions.

2.  Play a game together online

There are thousands of games you could play together online. You can find all sorts of virtual reality games at Play Free Online Games. You can find card and other games at Still not inspired? Try searching for online crossword or Sudoku puzzles or check out this post on saucy long distance relationship games.

3.  Send each other a long distance care package

Everybody loves receiving presents. Especially when you’re in a LDR, sending a present can be a wonderful way to tell someone that you love them and that you are thinking about them. Giving and receiving presents can help create a shared bond and tangible reminders of love and happiness.

Set a dollar limit (e.g., $25, not including postage) and put together some small gifts and treats for your long distance partner. Get creative, and then have fun explaining and discussing your choices after you’ve each received your package. If you’re looking for some good gifts for long distance love, check out the more than 100 options on our gifts page.

4.  Go on a virtual movie date

If you’re in a similar time zone, set aside an evening to watch the same movie while you’re on Skype or the phone together. It’s not quite the same as snuggling on the couch and sharing a bowl of popcorn, but it can make for some relaxing together time. If you’re looking for a thoughtful movie about LDRs, check out Like Crazy. You might also be interested in Catfish, a documentary about online dating.

5.  Go on an adventure in your own city

Go on an adventure in your own city – somewhere you love going but don’t get to often, or somewhere brand new. Take photos and send them text messages throughout the day letting them know what you’re doing. Have them do the same where they live, and then share your photos and discuss your outings. (Quick note March 28: Yeah… so this might not be such a good idea right now. Perhaps go on an adventure in your own home? Sigh. OK, moving on to the next tip. Write some Open When letters instead…)

6.  Write some open-when letters

Missing them? Channel that angst into writing something (many things) that will remind your loved one exactly how much you really do love and miss them. Putting some effort into open when letters can pay off for weeks (or months).


7. Make an LDR playlist together

Music taps feelings that are hard to put into words, so when you’re feeling glum and lonely it can be extremely cathartic to put together an LDR playlist. When you share this playlist with your loved one you might touch their own emotions (or at least tickle their funny bone). Either way, they’ll know you were thinking of them. If you want to go one better, invite them to help you put the playlist together. If you each suggest 6 songs you’ll have a whole hour of heart-felt music. Sore. Short on inspiration?? Check out this piece on 15 Long Distance Relationship Songs To Fit Every Mood.

8.  Talk deep

Have an in-depth chat about something important that will help you get to know one another better (check out these pieces on 10 Important Questions For Couples To Answer About Coping With Stress and How To Talk About Money In A Serious Long Distance Relationship). (Update March 28: Don’t miss this week’s blog post on keeping your long distance relationship during the coronavirus pandemic. Lots of good communication tips in there.)

9.  Create a bucket list together

Now and then, it’s healthy and inspiring to create a bucket list–a list of experiences you want to have and things you want to accomplish in life. You and your partner can create seperate bucket lists and compare (that’s good for hours of interesting conversation). Alternatively, you can create a LDR bucket list together.

10. Plan your next visit

Putting some effort into planning your next visit (or your ultimate getaway together) can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can make you miss your partner terribly and make the miles between you seem very long indeed. On the other hand, it can give you something to anticipate, make your reunion sweeter than ever, and help your visit go smoothly.

These activities are just the tip of the iceberg. If you don’t know where to start–or you want to do something that you know will help you grow closer and stronger–make sure you check out our Great Dates Bundle. It’s our two best resources to help couples connect across distance for one low price.


What is something you’ve done with your partner or something you’d like to try?


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