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How the app LokLok can add some cute fun to your long distance relationship

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There is plenty of talk today about whether technology is hurting or helping our relationships. Some sceptics say people live too much inside of their smartphones and laptops, while believers argue that without technology many relationships won’t be even possible.

Imagine a long distance relationship 100 years ago–no way to talk to your partner any time you want, no way to see them, no way to let them know you’re thinking about them in the moment. You live from letter to letter, and those letters take ages to arrive.

Now you can hear your partner’s voice over the phone, see how they look today on a messenger, or talk to them on any video-conference app. All of these developments have made most of today’s LDRs possible, and eased the burden of being apart.

Recently, even more technological advances have been made, and we have witnessed the advent of apps that were developed specifically for couples. There are a growing number of apps to help you connect at every point in the relationship cycle: Tinder for meeting them and setting up the first date, Couple and Avocado to keep in touch, Fix a Fight to deal with fights. And there is LokLok, a special little app that allows you to leave cute pictures and doodles right on your SO’s lock screen.

Good morning by LokLok LokLok lets you share your lock screen with your significant other, turning it into the whiteboard on which you can draw, write and edit photos–letting your imagination run free. LokLok doesn’t bother you with annoying notifications, instead, you simply see a little surprise from your beloved one when you check your phone.

“LokLok is one of those apps that really lets us connect in ways that we couldn’t connect otherwise”, says Sarah Rothenberger, a student at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA who lives more than 1000 miles away from her boyfriend Jimmy.

“Since we are apart indefinitely while I’m pursuing my degree, we communicate mostly with our phones. I do send him letters occasionally, but it takes him a few days to receive them, and in today’s world a few days is a few days too long. LokLok is a very simple app, but the things you can do with it are incredible!

Being able to “control” my boyfriend’s phone and change his lock screen is a lot of fun because I can surprise him whenever I want to and he never knows what the next picture will be or when it will be. Of course we all love those sweet good morning texts, but what about doubling that? A cute good morning picture AND a text. Being long distance means you have to work for every little connection you can find in order to feel close to your partner, and LokLok definitely helps us do that”.

Virtual hug SarahKirstie Joan, a flight stewardess, who’s currently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia also finds LokLok irreplaceable for keeping in touch with Ku, her boyfriend who lives in Manila, Philippines.

“LokLok App is a different means of communication. Ever since we downloaded it, we have been using it as our main lock screen”, shares Kirstie. “We surprise each other with drawings and words of affection every so often. Our drawings may not always be the best and most perfect, sometimes we make simple doodles or scribbles, just to get the attention of each other. Other times also, we leave each other some quotations or simple daily greetings to lighten their mood for the rest of the day.”

“LokLok allows us to tap into our creative side. We draw cute notes either to brighten each other’s day, or simply check-in to say hello”, says Teayii Kah, who’s currently studying in Canada, while her boyfriend Jay lives in New Providence, Bahamas. “There’s something a little more special about it compared to just sending a message in Whatsapp. Maybe it’s because it’s unexpected (we’re not notified when the screen is updated, so it creates that surprise factor), and we get to actually see what’s going on in each other’s minds based on what we draw.”

Ku and Kirstie coffeeWhile not replacing other apps, LokLok has found its own space in the day-to-day communication of many couples. LokLok brings more colours and fun into relationships, reminding us that talking is not only done through conversations. Imagine their reaction when the first thing they see in the morning is your sleepy selfie with a drawn over mustache – if you can’t wake up beside them, can the day start better than that?

Good morning sunshine LokLokHow do you use LokLok?
Or, if you don’t yet, what is YOUR favorite APP in your LDR?

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