Four great books to help you in your long distance relationship.

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401 ways to make talking together easy and fun

Do you sometimes feel like you run out of things to talk about with your partner? This book is a date-night saver for those times when it’s hard to connect or you’re feeling stuck in a rut! It will help you…

  • Laugh together

  • Learn new things about each other

  • Build intimacy

  • BONUS PDF: 10 Games To Get You Talking, Laughing, and Growing Closer

“Learning to stay connected is key in any relationship. I was surprised at how many questions we found here that we had never before addressed. Answering them little by little has added a fresh sense of intimacy.”
(Christine M.)


Tips and questions to help you build a great relationship long distance. Learn…

  • The allure (and the pitfalls) of casual intimacy

    Why so many LDRs start off so intense and what the halo effect is.

  • Great communication skills

    Tools to help you establish healthy boundaries, communicate well, and resolve conflict.

  • How to build your love map

    And other creative ways to connect.

  • Critical considerations before meeting, moving, undressing on camera, and more...

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“Lisa is such a delightfully and brutally honest writer! For someone who is just starting to be overwhelmed by the ins and outs of long-distance this read was so helpful. I appreciate her honesty about the pros and cons of long-distance relationships, the good and bad habits that tend to develop, the red flags to watch out for, and the personal stories she includes as illustrations throughout.”
(Michelle M.)


Practical examples and thoughtful questions to help you…

  • Spot signs of infidelity

    20 subtle signs your partner might be cheating

  • Assess the evidence

    Sort through your uncertainty and figure out what’s really going on

  • Take the next step

    Approach your partner and get the answers you need.

  • Make a "what's next" plan

    Craft an action plan that will help you grow closer and stronger (or get the strength to leave).

  • BONUS PDF: "The Cheat Sheet"

    Ten questions about relationships that I get asked all the time…. answered

“Refreshing and helpful. This book is meant to help relationships for both parties, not to raise more suspicion for those already wondering whether their partner is cheating.”
(Amanda C.)


An award-winning memoir about an against-the-odds long distance relationship…

Lisa looks as if she has it made. She has turned her nomadic childhood and forensic psychology training into a successful career as a stress management trainer for humanitarian aid workers. She lives in Los Angeles, travels the world, and her first novel has just been published to some acclaim…

But as she turns 31, Lisa realizes that she is still single and increasingly wondering where home is and what it really means to commit to a person, place, or career. When an intriguing stranger living on the other side of the world emails her out of the blue with an extraordinary proposal, she must decide whether she will risk trying to answer those questions.

Her decision will change her life forever.

“”A page-turner and a modern-day fairytale. I can’t recommend this extraordinary book highly enough.”
(Nicole Baart, best-selling author of After The Leaves Fall and Sleeping In Eden)

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