The Early Days

Two great books to help you avoid common relationship pitfalls and build a true connection even while you’re far apart.

One low price.

What’s in the bundle?

Tips and questions to give you the insight and skills to build a great relationship long distance

  • Connector.

    Why is casual intimacy risky?

    Why so many LDRs begin with hasty intensity, and what the halo effect is.

  • Connector.

    Great communication skills

    Tools to help you establish healthy boundaries, communicate well, and resolve conflict.

  • Connector.

    Building your love map

    And other creative ways to connect.

  • Connector.

    Critical considerations

    Things you must consider before first meeting, before you move, and more…

“Lisa is such a delightfully and brutally honest writer! For someone who is just starting to be overwhelmed by the ins and outs of long-distance this read was so helpful. I appreciate her honesty about the pros and cons of long-distance relationships, the good and bad habits that tend to develop, the red flags to watch out for, and the personal stories she includes as illustrations throughout.”
(Michelle M.)


401 ways to make talking together easy and fun

Do you sometimes feel like you run out of things to talk about with your partner? This book is a date-night saver for those times when it’s hard to connect or you’re feeling stuck in a rut! It will help you…

  • Connector.

    Laugh together

  • Connector.

    Learn new things about each other

  • Connector.

    Make talking easy and fun

  • Connector.

    Draw you together and build intimacy

“Learning to stay connected is key in any relationship. I was surprised at how many questions we found here that we had never before addressed. Answering them little by little has added a fresh sense of intimacy.”
(Christine M.)

+ Extra BONUS

The Cheat Sheet

Ten questions about relationships that I get asked ALL THE TIME…. answered

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What People Are Saying:

ABOUT FROM STRANGER TO LOVER… “My husband and I started dating long distance (after being in-person friends for many years) and Lisa’s resources have always been phenomenal when it comes to LDRs. I was ecstatic to read this latest book, it is full of fabulous strategies/tips that REALLY work … and I love the questions that Lisa asks with each strategy – they really help the reader think through their own personal LDR. Love this book and I am recommending it to friends!”Amanda C.
ABOUT 401 GREAT DISCUSSION QUESTIONS… “I’m not in a long distance relationship, but was looking for some new ideas and things to talk about with my husband. I really enjoyed a lot of the discussion questions in this book – some we’d already covered but many helped us talk about new things even after a decade of marriage…”Tanya S. (Amazon Reviewer)

More about FROM STRANGER TO LOVER: 16 Strategies For Building A Great Relationship Long Distance

Can you really build a good relationship at a distance?

Yes you can… but it really helps if you establish healthy patterns in your relationship right from the beginning.

From Stranger To Lover is designed to give you the insight and skills needed to build a great relationship long distance – a relationship so strong that it will “go the distance”.

If you’re in a brand new relationship this book will help you avoid common LDR mistakes such as idealizing, rushing intimacy, and coming across as too needy.

If you’re in a more established relationship, the book will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your relationship and think of new and creative ways to connect.

What does the book cover?

  • How the halo effect intensifies idealization.
  • Why so many LDRs begin with casual, hasty intimacy.
  • Why healthy boundaries are so important and how to establish them.
  • Signs your partner might be cheating on you and other non-verbal signals you can read across distance.
  • Tools to help you avoid miscommunications and resolve conflict.
  • How to build your love map and creative ways to connect.
  • Critical considerations for first meetings and before you move, and more…

FREE BONUS: The “Cheat Sheet”

There are some problems and questions that crop up all the time in long distance relationships when people are worried about their relationships. Here are ten of them:

  1. “Why does it take so long for him to answer my text or call?”
  2. “Something has changed. We used to talk all the time, but now we don’t. What’s going on?”
  3. “I lied to her. How can I tell her?”
  4. “I see photos of my boyfriend on Instagram with some of his friends that make me nervous. Am I being paranoid or should I be worried?”
  5. “Is she just telling me what she thinks I want to hear?”
  6. “My boyfriend has cheated before. Does that mean he’ll do it again?”
  7. “Some days she’s distant. Other days she makes me feel on top of the world. What does that mean?
  8. “She won’t video chat with me. What’s going on?”
  9. “Why doesn’t he want to visit?”
  10. “She wants to keep our relationship a secret. What’s up with that?”

In this bonus “cheat sheet” I share ten real life examples of these problems and answer their questions. Learn from other people’s experiences, and hear my straight-shooting thoughts and advice about what it all means, and what you can do in these situations.

More about 401 Great Discussion Questions For Couples

Do you ever wonder what to ask your partner apart from, “How was your day?”

Whether an ocean or a dinner table separates you, this book will…

  • Spark fresh conversations and make you laugh
  • Help you learn a lot of new things about each other (yes, no matter how long you’ve been together)
  • Make talking together easy and fun
  • Help you talk about topics you’ve been nervous to bring up
  • Draw you closer together and build the kind of intimacy that really matters—the kind that lasts

Why asking good questions is a superpower

Think about someone you want to have a better, closer relationship with. Maybe this person is someone you’ve recently started dating. Maybe you’ve been married to them for a decade already. Maybe they are a good friend.

In every scenario, there is a superpower skill that will help you get to know this person better—something that will encourage them to relax and open up, share honestly, and deepen and strengthen your relationship.

That superpower skill is “asking good questions”. When you ask and answer thoughtful questions, you can:

  • Learn what makes someone tick, and how you are similar and different to them in important ways
  • Avoid some painful misunderstandings and miscommunications
  • Identify likely areas of tension or conflict before they catch you by surprise
  • Learn to talk through disagreements in ways that help you, rather than hurt you
  • Build a strong sense of security, love, and trust

One minute to download = dozens of fun date nights

The questions in this book are organized into 19 chapters for easy reference. Here is a peek at the first six chapters:

  1. For Fun: Desert Island And What If? Light-hearted questions that ask you to dream, play, imagine and laugh.
  2. Today: A dozen alternatives to: “How was your day?”
  3. Life Right Now: About who you are right now in life.
  4. What Do You Think? What you think about life, love, lying, and everything in between.
  5. Tell Them: A chance to share your own thoughts and memories… about them.
  6. Highlights and Lowlights: About the extremes—the highs and lows—of life.

Additional chapters will help you explore childhood, your family, your work, study and passions, stress, the future, and more.

Hey, I want those books and the bonus!

About The Author

Hi there,

Here’s a bit more about me, in case you’re curious about the person behind the pen, uh, keyboard.

I’m an Australian psychologist. I think I might be the only person in the world who has masters degrees in Forensic Psychology and International Peace Studies, because it’s a bit of a weird combination.

The Forensic Psychology part helped me out when I worked in a maximum-security men’s prison, with a police department, and for many years as a stress management, resilience, and communication skills trainer for humanitarian workers around the world.

The International Peace Studies part helped me out when I married an American aid worker. 🙂

In the decade before I married my beloved (and very peaceable, I should say) aid worker, I pretty much picked up another masters degree in online dating and long-distance relationships. Now I put all that “learned the hard way” experience to good use with this website.

A good relationship is one of the greatest sources of strength, joy, and inspiration in life. Here at ModernLove, I want to help you make yours better, stronger, and closer. I want to help you figure out how to get rid of uncertainty, and put a stop to things that are hurting you and making you angry. I want to help you build a love that makes you happy.