If you are in the first six months of a long distance relationship.


From Stranger To Lover: 16 Strategies For Building A Great Relationship Long Distance

Advice and questions to help you avoid common relationship pitfalls and build a true connection even while you’re far apart.

Find answers to these questions:

  • Why do so many long distance relationships begin with hasty intensity?
  • What is the halo effect and why is it a danger when you meet someone online?
  • What are essential skills for communicating well and resolving conflict?
  • How do you build a love map and find other creative ways to connect?
  • What are signs your partner might be cheating, and other non-verbal signals you can read at a distance?
  • What should you consider before your first meeting, before you move, and more…

A great and quick read. I loved it, it was fast and funny. She gets to the heart of the matter and gives you plenty of food for thought.”
(D.B. Cooke)

The “Cheat Sheet”

Common problems and questions in long distance relationships, answered…

  • “Why does it take so long for them to answer my text or call?”
  • Something has changed. We used to talk all the time, but now we don’t. What’s going on?
  • I lied to them. How can I tell them?
  • I see photos of them on Instagram with some of his friends that make me nervous. Am I being paranoid or should I be worried?
  • I know they’ve cheated before. Does that mean they’ll do it again?
  • They won’t video chat with me. What’s going on?
  • Some days they’re distant. Other days they make me feel on top of the world. What does that mean?
  • They want to keep our relationship a secret. What’s up with that?

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