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DIY Long Distance Gifts: Open When Letters

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‘Open when’ letters are one of the cheapest, yet most heart-warming gifts you could ever give your loved one. Yes, thanks to modern technology, we can text or call our partner at the click of a button. Especially in this age of insta-communication, however, letter writing can be a much deeper and more sincere form of communication. And when you’re miles apart from your loved one, receiving a thoughtful and handmade gift in the mail can really make your day.

Want to join this new phenomenon? Let’s get started. Gather up some:

  • Stationary, envelopes, and stamps
  • Decorations (Stickers, tape, glitter etc),
  • Any other small items you wish to put inside your envelopes (CD, key ring, photo etc).

When you’re choosing stationary and envelopes opt for something colourful and creative rather than conventional plain white. I managed to buy some very cheap stationary on eBay recently with cows on that are cute, colourful and related to a private joke between my boyfriend and myself.

Cow stationary for open when lettersNext, choose some topics to write about! Here are a few of my favourite letter topics:

1. Open when…you miss me

Since you’re miles apart from your other half, you’re going to miss each other an awful lot! So, why not write your partner a cute letter for when they miss you? Tell them why you love them and how amazing it’ll be when you next see each other. You could even attach a few photos too or share some favourite memories to make your partner smile. Reading your letter will allow your partner to feel closer to you, even when miles apart!

2. Open when…it’s time to say goodbye

This is a letter topic I often use when visiting my boyfriend in Lithuania. I’m an emotional person, so leaving my partner at the airport is always heartbreaking. When we’re saying our last goodbyes, I don’t always manage to tell him what an amazing time I’ve had without flooding the airport with tears, so I always write him a letter as a backup.

3. Open when…you want to learn something new about me

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, it would be impossible for them to know EVERYTHING about you. When you share some new information about yourself with your partner, they can feel that they’re growing closer to you even while you’re separated. Share with them random facts, old childhood photos, share anything new with them!

Want more?

Other Open When topics include:

  • Open when…you’re angry with me.
  • Open when… you want some encouragement.
  • Open when…you want to talk but I’m not around.
  • Open when…you feel like giving up on us.
  • Open when…you’re having a bad day.
  • Open when…you’ve achieved something amazing.
  • Open when…it’s our anniversary.
  • Open when…it’s a Monday morning.
  • Open when…it’s a Friday afternoon.
  • Open when…you want to know how much I love you.
  • Open when…you need to laugh.
  • Open when…you can’t sleep.
  • Open when…we’ve had a fight.

As you can see, the list of topics and the possibilities are endless! ‘Open when’ letters allow you to be really creative, and your partner will be able to see how much time and thought you’ve put into creating them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever written or received any ‘Open When’ letters?
What topics are your favourites?

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