30 Gorgeous Coordinates Necklaces And More Jewelry Made Using Location Coordinates

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If you’re ever stuck for a present idea, make it personal! I love coordinates necklaces and other jewelry made using location coordinates. Having the latitude and longitude of somewhere (or someone) special engraved onto your present adds a whole extra level of meaning to something that’s already beautiful.

Plus, coordinate jewelry is the perfect gift for someone in a long distance relationship! It can make the person you love feel a little bit closer.

So without further ado, here are 30 of my favorite coordinate necklaces and other pieces of personalized jewelry. Happy browsing. I hope these ideas lead you to a truly special gift…

1.  Hand-stamped compass coordinates necklace

This stainless steel piece is hypoallergenic, affordable, and beautiful. The disc surrounding the star/compass design can be hand-stamped with any inspirational quote so long as it fits. (The necklace shown is stamped with ‘And so. She decided to live the life she imagined.’) You can also put on names, dates, coodinates, or something else.

coordinates necklace

2.  Simple bar coordinates necklace

This vertical coordinate necklace is made from a sterling silver, yellow-gold plated, or rose-gold plated bar. Coordinates can be engraved on one side, and you can also choose one of four font styles.


3.  Double sided phrase and coordinates necklace

The silver bar on this coordinate necklace can be personalized on both sides with names, dates, cordinates, and/or a small design. It can also be finished with a “hammered” or smooth look.


4.  Silver compass and coordinates necklace

This coordinates necklace just might be the best of both worlds. It features two sterling silver bars, each one stamped with one half of a location’s DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds) coordinates. (The coordinates on this particular necklace are for the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.) A small sterling silver compass sits between each of the bars.

Co-ordinates and compass necklace

5.  Silver compass, birthstone, and coordinates necklace

Personalize this sterling silver coordinates necklace with an inscription and a birthstone. Also available plated in yellow gold or rose gold.

6.  North Star and coordinates necklace

Customize the large disc in this coordinates necklace. Above the large disc sits a smaller disc bearing the North Star/compass image. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold.

7.  Curved bar coordinates necklace

I love the simplicity and minimal elegance of this curved bar coordinate necklace. Subtle but beautiful. Made of sterling silver and available in silver, gold or rose-gold plated.


8.  Cut-out coordinates necklace

Made out of Sterling Silver and finished with silver, yellow-gold, or rose gold, these small, delicate necklaces can be customized with your Roman Numerals, messages, coordinates or names.


9.  Combo date and coordinates necklace

This 14kt gold filled coordinate stack necklace with open heart charm can be personalized with co-ordinates and a date, or two lots of co-ordinates.


10.  A heliodon pendant

This Heliodon Pendant Coordinates Necklace memorializes the date, time, and location of a special moment or milestone event. This pendant is designed digitally to accurately represent the sun angle at that moment, and then 3d-printed with an engraving of the location coordinates. The final piece is cast in brass, plated in 18 karat gold, and hand polished to a smooth, glossy finish.


11.  Fingerprint necklace

This unique necklace is made using your fingerprint instead of numbers to “mark the spot”. This sterling silver (or gold or rose gold) bar necklace is engraved with your personal fingerprint. Can’t get much more of a personal touch than that!

il_570xN.1087141478_qrmc12.  Coordinates silver-drop bar earrings

This pair of earrings can be personalized with coordinates, or the text you want. They are made of solid sterling silver bars. Also available plated in rose gold.


13.  Cut-out coordinates bracelet

These elegant cut-out bracelets are a lighter, more textured take on the solid cuffs. They’re made of sterling silver and finished with silver, yellow gold, or rose gold.


14.  Set of 3 co-ordinates bracelets

This is a set of 3 hand-stamped aluminum bracelet cuffs. As shiny as silver and much less expensive. Each one can have different co-ordinates.


15.  Gold bangle cuff bracelet

Elegant, shiny 14k gold-filled cuff with personalized engraving available on both sides.

16.  Map of the world personalized cuff bracelet

This bracelet is made from stainless steel (hypoallergenic, strong, and scratch resistant). It features a cut-out map of the world and is hand-stamped with the coordinates of your choice.


17.  Braided leather cord silver ring bracelet

Genuine black or brown leather braided bracelet with personalized sterling silver rings. Each ring is hand stamped with your own text, you can choose the number of rings included. I love this, and I’d wear it. But it would also make a great gift for men.



18.  Personalized leather cuff bracelet

Personalize this genuine leather and aluminum cuff bracelet with hand-stamped co-ordinates and/or a date. Another one that could make a good gift for men.

19.  Leather-stamped cuff 

This classy and understated piece is made of stainless steel and genuine leather inlay. Stamping straight into the leather gives it a classy, understated look while still allowing you to personalize this. It’s marketed as a gift for men, but I know a lot of women who’d rather wear than a solid gold cuff bracelet.

20.  Personalized washer bracelet

I love washer bracelets. They are casual but funky, and this silver version is my favorite. In addition to personalizing the stamping you can choose black or brown leather for the bracelet.


21.  Copper-washer co-ordinates bracelet

This bracelet features a copper plated washer which is hand stamped with your chosen coordinates, names, date or a short message.


22.  Secret message GPS coordinates bracelet

This spiral wound bracelet is hand stamped with the latitude and longitude of a meaningful destination or location. The spiral is wrapped so that it reads from bottom to top – from the wearer’s heart out into the world.


23.  Silver co-ordinates ring

Stamp this sterling silver ring with your chosen co-ordinates.

24.  Your fingerprint ring

You can’t get much more “virtually close” to someone than wearing a ring imprinted with their fingerprint. This ring (available in silver or gold) is imprinted with your personal fingerprint or handwriting.


25.  Skinny coordinates ring

These slender, delicate rings are made of sterling silver and finished with silver, yellow gold, or rose gold.


26.  Personalized titanium ring set

This is a two-for one deal. Two quality titanium rings you can customize with co-ordinates and a message on the inside. The rings are two-tone Black IP and Rose Gold IP Titanium.

27.  Copper-bar GPS coordinates keychain

OK, so this isn’t technically jewelry, but I couldn’t resist including a couple of keychains. They’re so practical-something you use every day. This keychain would make a classy gift for anyone who isn’t all that into jewelry. The copper bar can be hand-stamped on all four sides, so you can include TWO sets of co-ordinates on there if you wish, and a heart symbol.


28.  Hand-stamped silver washer keychain

I love the washer-jewelry, and also really like this washer keychain. A 1″ silver washer is stamped with the co-ordinates or message of your choice and attached to a study keychain ring.

29.  Double-sided anchor coordinate keychain

This is another keychain I like. The anchor is a nice touch, given how the place (or person) linked the to the co-ordinates is an anchor in our lives.



30.  Fingerprint keychain

I think this would have to be my pick of the keychains, though. Personalize this sterling silver keychain with your fingerprint. That way, every time they reach for their keys they’ll receive a personal touch from you as well.



What was your favorite thing on the list?

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