Moving continents or moving worlds? Closing the gap between France and Australia in a long distance relationship (and what I learned about cultural differences along the way)

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I had always wanted to live in France, so that desire coincided rather nicely with meeting a Frenchman while he was working in my home country of Australia. When his visa expired, we’d only been together for a short time …

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Celebrating two years of marriage, a world apart

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My wife and I just celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary.

By celebrated, I mean, we shared a 25-minute Skype chat via grainy video, which had to be curtailed fairly promptly after staff started queuing outside my office door, waiting to be let in. It was a fairly frustrating experience for me (and even more so for my wife if the expression in her voice was anything to go by as we hung up).

Even a couple of months ago this was certainly not how either of us envisaged sharing our second wedding anniversary. Back then, we were all planning on being here together in Ethiopia as I started my new position. Juggling two careers and getting key dates to coincide, however, has proven tricky. Juggling custody issues and travel permissions related to my stepdaughter has proven even more so. Now we a full hemisphere apart.