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Here's a bit more about me, and why I started this site...


When I first met the man who would become my husband, he was living in Papua New Guinea and I was living in Los Angeles.

That man is the smiling guy in the picture above, in case you hadn't guessed. His name is Mike. 

Anyway, Mike was living in a small town in PNG where he worked as an aid worker. I was living in Los Angeles, working as a stress management trainer for aid workers.

(I didn't meet Mike because of my job, by the way. How we first came to connect is such a strange story that I wrote a book about it called Love At The Speed Of Email. It even won an award.)

Mike and I wrote letters to each other for months before we ever met, or even talked.

We’d been a long distance relationship for about seven months—and only spent 20 days actually in the same country—when he proposed to me.

Saying yes was the best decision I’ve ever made.

That was nine years, four moves, and two children ago. Because of his job as an aid worker and mine as a psychologist, we continue to travel for work. We have spent more than a year of our marriage (and a good part of two pregnancies) living in different countries.

We both believe that the communication skills and habits we have developed during our time dating and engaged long distance  (and all the time we've spent long distance since then) have helped our relationship enormously.

I started this website to help you...

  • Find fun LDR activities and new things to talk about

  • Get solid advice about the unique dynamics of LDRs

  • Learn new ways to connect and communicate with your LDR partner...

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