401 ways to make talking together

This will spark fresh conversations, make you laugh, and help you get to know one another better.

“I was surprised at how many questions we found here that we had never before addressed. Answering them little by little has added a fresh sense of intimacy.”
(Christine Martin)

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What People Are Saying:

“Long ago, I took a solemn vow to collect interesting questions and this book is a huge asset in that collection. I feel like a coin collector who just inherited his great uncle’s million dollar collection.”Ella M.
“I was looking for some new ideas and things to talk about with my husband. I really enjoyed this book. Many of these questions helped us talk about new things even after a decade of marriage.”Tanya Spencer
“Loved this! We would read some questions each time we talked on the phone. The questions range from light-hearted to serious questions that really make you think. There are even a few that may have you saying, “Oh my! Can I really say that?”
Mr. HoneyBunny

About 401 Great Discussion Questions For Couples

Do you ever wonder what to ask your partner apart from, “How was your day?”

Whether an ocean or a dinner table separates you, this book will…

  • Help you learn a lot of new things about each other (yes, no matter how long you’ve been together)
  • Make talking together easy and fun
  • Help you talk about topics you’ve been nervous to bring up
  • Draw you closer together and build the kind of intimacy that really matters—the kind that lasts

Why asking good questions is a relationship superpower

Think about someone you want to have a better relationship with. Maybe they are someone you’ve recently started dating. Maybe you’ve already been married to them for five years already. Maybe they are a good friend.

In every scenario, there is one superpower skill that will help you get to know this person better—something that will encourage them to relax and open up, and deepen and strengthen your relationship. That superpower skill is “asking good questions”.

Good questions, can help you…

  • Learn what makes someone tick
  • Avoid some painful misunderstandings and miscommunications
  • Identify likely areas of tension or conflict before they catch you by surprise
  • Learn to talk through disagreements in ways that help you, rather than hurt you
  • Build a strong sense of security, love, and trust

What sort of questions are in this book?

The questions in this book are organized into 19 chapters for easy reference. Here is a peek at the first six chapters:

  1. For Fun: Desert Island And What If? Light-hearted questions that ask you to dream, play, imagine and laugh.
  2. Today: A dozen alternatives to: “How was your day?”
  3. Life Right Now: About who you are right now in life.
  4. What Do You Think? What you think about life, love, lying, and everything in between.
  5. Tell Them: A chance to share your own thoughts and memories… about them.
  6. Highlights and Lowlights: About the extremes—the highs and lows—of life.

Additional chapters will help you explore childhood, your family, your work, study and passions, stress, the future, and more.

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FREE BONUS: 10 Games To Get You Talking

401 Great Discussion Questions can keep you talking, laughing, thinking, and sharing for hours. But just in case using a book of discussion questions feels strange, or you’re not sure where to start, we’ve included a free bonus for you.

Ten Games To Get You Talking gives you ten fun ways to use this book.

Playing one of these games can banish any weirdness. It will allow you both to relax and enjoy connecting, sharing, and growing closer in all the ways that matter most.

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